Zagster Bike Share opens in Carrollton

On Feb. 3, the Zagster Bike Share program officially opened, providing the residents of Carrollton a with new outdoor activity. The ceremony was held at Laura’s Park at Hays Mill trailhead at 1:30 p.m. The event included  a ribbon cutting and an Inaugural bike ride and remarks from the sponsors. The bike share has 10 stations located throughout the community, and provides 50 cruiser bikes for local zagster bike share  members. Each member can check out a bike for free during the first hour, then paying only three dollars for each additional use. The bike share will provide easier access to Carrollton greenbelts 18-mile  path, the largest paved loop trail in Georgia. 

Zagster operates at many different campuses across the states including Ohio State, Duke, Yale and now the University of West Georgia. Many students have already taken advantage of the new bike share, as well as those who work for one of the Bike Shares sponsors, Southwire. 

“I love this new program. It has really helped me stay more active, and I believe that it will bring many more visitors to the city of Carrollton, ” said Chelsi Womack, employee at Southwire. “I never would have thought that my city would ever get a program like this, but this just shows you how much Carrollton really is growing”. 

The Bike share program helps the efforts to make Carrollton a healthy and pleasant community to reside in, while providing little to no cost to the customer.  While most say that it is just a great way to stay active, people also use this program for many other reasons. Bike riders use it to run some errands around town, as an activity to catch up with friends, and to even use as a form of transportation to get to and from class. “ I mainly use the bike for psychical activity, but I plan to use it often for other things as well, since it is so easily available,” said Womack. “ I think students at the university will be taking advantage of it the most, and I am glad that it has brought a positive activity close to campus.” 

The Carrollton bike share features the Zagster 8 bike currently for users. This award-winning bike is known for its design. Each bike includes a basket to carry personal items, a bell, reflectors and automatic lights. Zagster has created a website and a mobile app that you can use to locate where the bikes are. With the app, you can obtain a code used as a key, and that key is used to plan their trip around the rider’s needs, and not the locations of the Zagster stations. 

The Zagster Bike Share program is the first step towards a change for Carrollton and has set the tone for more attractions to come.



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