Halloween Spirit…Spider-Man Comes to UWG

With Halloween quickly approaching, West Georgia has a familiar masked figure patrolling campus. A student with the anonymous identity of Spider-Man has been spotted in the Ingram Library on several occasions. Spider-Man was seen dancing, taking videos with students, and posing for pictures.

There is no question that this unusual sight has caused controversy about who is behind the mask. Students took to Twitter, sharing their experiences with the friendly campus hero. One post with Spidey posing outside of West Georgia’s Starbucks received a shocking 7,000 retweets on the social media site.

The impact of Spider-Man was so powerful that it took to other campuses such as Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University. The reactions have been positive campus wide from both students and faculty. With tweets like, “Goal of the semester: become friends with Spider-Man on campus” and “Spider-Man is back on campus, yaas!”, Spider-Man has become the center of attention.

“A white board was posted in the library asking, if you could change one thing about the library, what would it be? A student wrote, more Spidey visits” said Sarah Gourley, Circulation Manager for the Ingram Library.

                 It is no secret that only a few know Spider-Man’s identity. As one of those select few, Spidey himself had a few words to share when asked why he chooses to remain anonymous.

“I was on a mission to save the people and give them a huge smile,” said Spidey “People were extremely happy and shocked to see me. It’s also fun to keep everyone wondering.”

In recent sightings of Elvis Presley and zombies on campus, Spider-Man has caused others to want to dress up and partake in the fun festivities that Halloween has to offer. 2017 could very well be the start of a new tradition for future Halloween’s at the University of West Georgia.

The excitement of dressing up and interacting with others on campus is a thrill for many. Being able to take a breather from classes and work to engage in some fun is especially valuable to college students.



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