Hard Work & Dedication: First Ever Student Showcase at Media Day

The School of Communication, Film and Media has created the first Student Showcase event to take place during this year’s Media Day. The Student Showcase will allow students a chance to present their portfolios and projects of work on display for students and professionals. 

The Student Showcase allows for students to have a live portfolio that they can not only show organizations but also gives those same organizations an insight on the talent that each student has. Professionals share their work and display their talents and the growth that they have made throughout their time of being a professional.

Kelly Williams, professor at UWG, who serves on the Media Day Board for Media Day, encourages students to show their talents at the Student Showcase.

“We want our students to have an opportunity to not just network but to show what they are interested in,” says Williams. “Students are allowed to show their projects whether it be a really cool film or any other project that the student may be interested in. This is their chance to show it off.”

Student work eligible for submission included film, video and audio works that were career related, for internships or even personal works. Students could also create poster-presentations to display print related work. 

“It is also cool for the students and organizations to see what the professionals have prepared and it allows for everyone to really connect within their talents and their work,” says Williams. “Professionals can bring projects that they have been working on and share what they are also interested in, so this event allows everyone to contribute.

“We are hoping for the Student Showcase to be a conversation starter amongst professionals and students to talk about their work and make those connections,” continued Williams. “This is a good opportunity for everyone to show up and present their talents and abilities and at the end of the day, as teachers, we just want to be able to create more opportunities for our students.”



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