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Northern China Eatery Review

The city of Doraville, Ga holds a delectable, family-friendly restaurant that has been open for ten years. Northern China Eatery has a relaxing, traditional atmosphere where you can enjoy authentic, diversely seasoned and affordable Chinese food.

Most modern restaurants tend to focus more on technology, creating an atmosphere for their customers. They typically have TVs all over the restaurant or even electronic tablets with mini-games.

             However, Northern China Eatery has a classic dining experience that many customers may find inviting. Customers engage in conversation with one another and are barely on their phones.

             The menu consists of some staple foods such as dumplings, fried rice and handmade noodles. Their meals have a variety of options including various meats and veggie dishes to select from. The restaurant isn’t large in scale but the owners make much out of the space they have.

I ordered three different dishes from their dinner menu. To start, I selected a popular classic wonton soup. The dish was served to me steaming hot within the first ten minutes of ordering. The soup is a seasoned chicken broth-based dish with soft wontons marinating with seaweed, egg and scallions.

In addition to the soup, I decided to pair it with their soft yet flavorful shumai. This is a traditional steamed dumpling that is filled with a multitude of ingredients such as shrimp, pork, black mushrooms and egg wrapped up in a doughy oval shape. With the various layers of flavors, none of them clash with each other; together they blend cohesively to create one fresh taste. When paired with the wonton soup, the dish left me satisfied and relaxed.

The third and final meal I ordered was the stir-fried spicy beef with celery and cabbage. The beef was seasoned with sesame seeds, guajillo pepper and salt. The beef was fried to perfection and wasn’t dry or chewy. The dish was advertised as being spicy but everyone’s heat tolerance is not identical.
            For me, the spiciness of the beef built up over time which can be comparable to spicy salsa. The heat came into full effect towards the end of the dish. The cabbage and celery helped to tone the dish down so that the peppers don’t overpower the entire dish. I’m not big of spicy foods but for how tender the beef was, the heat was worth it.

Overall, the food was phenomenal. The North China Eatery may not be a heavily advertised chain restaurant but for a small-scale place, they offer a plethora of options and flavors. What makes this restaurant stand out the most is its readiness to serve fresh food. Every dish came out within ten minutes and was freshly prepared. When it comes to pricing, it would cost $10 to $22 a person. Northern China Eatery is a place worth eating at if you’re looking for traditional Chinese cuisine.



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