Getting Freshman More Involved at UWG

A new chapter for incoming freshman college students can be a challenge. There are new experiences ahead while beginning life as a young adult. To combat this, UWG offers over 150 clubs and organizations on campus to make the transition easier.

“UWG has a ton of great organizations and I wouldn’t want to single out any particular one as being better or worse,” said UWG Counselor, LJ Davis. “The key is to look for an organization that you are interested in and where you think you might want to connect with others who have that interest.”

The housing department alone holds several events throughout the school year to get underclassmen out of their rooms and engage with the community on campus.

 Students with social anxiety often only go to class and the dining halls. Students struggle to meet others and make friends, leading them to just spend their time in their dorm.

  “For any particular student it might be an athletic organization, or an organization based around a hobby, there are also plenty of cultural or religious organizations as well as service organizations and Greek Life,” said Davis. “Any organization that a student is interested in is a good place to start.”

Organizations are not for everyone; students may not want to be dedicated to the costs and time associated with one. Even in that case, a great place to find like-minded individuals would be the Campus Center.

            The Campus Center is home to two of UWG’s biggest attractions, the gym and the game room. Students are free to use either facility and can be a great way to meet people with common interests.

“Almost anywhere on campus can be a great place to meet people,” said Davis. “I had a student just recently tell me about hanging out on campus and engaging with the people around them and they came away with two new contacts that might develop into friendships.”

Many students’ confidence and social connectivity suffered after the pandemic. These organizations and events are meant to bring everyone together to combat the unforeseen circumstances COVID-19 left us with.

“It is scary and challenging but finding ways and times to introduce yourself to people, give them genuine compliments, and ask them about themselves is a great way to get started,” said Davis. “I always tell people the vast majority of people have the exact same favorite topic:  themselves.”



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