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On-Air Personality Dalton Browning Rocks WOLF Radio One Final Semester

As he nears his graduation date in the summer, Dalton Browning reflects on his best and brightest moments with WOLF Radio and how the station has positively impacted his career. 

Since joining WOLF Radio, Browning has developed a captivating and energetic on-air personality known as Dalton James, for his current show, “The Crate.” The show has won several awards including Best Community Outreach, Best Listenership and the Waylin Show of the Semester Award. The show has integrated the rock genre towards its audience, which was one of Browning’s goals in light of his metalhead roots.

“I don’t feel like rock gets the appreciation that it deserves because it has so many negative connotations that go along with it,” said Browning. “Because it’s not popular, everyone believes that rock just doesn’t exist, despite it being such a backbone for music today.”

Being an on-air radio personality can have its challenges when speaking to large audiences of strangers. However, Browning has found comfort in expressing himself behind the mic with his colleagues.

“Being able to be yourself and able to show your most genuine self is my favorite part about radio,” said Browning. “I can go on air and be ADHD, I can joke around and I can talk about the things that I really enjoy talking about without the stigma in the back of my head about how I look or if I come across in a certain way.

“For me, radio is just my voice, my thoughts and being able to have conversations,” continued Browning. “I feel like being able to communicate with one another matters more than anything.”

Though Browning has successfully learned the ropes of being a radio show host, he has received tremendous help from his executive staff members, Shawn Isaacs and Michael Tucker.

“Nothing compares to the amount of effort and determination that members of The WOLF– specifically Shawn and Michael– put into the station,” said Browning. “Shawn and Michael care about the students who come into the Wolves In Training (WIT) program.”

Browning has always had a special place in his heart for radio and the people who support the industry.

“They have a passion for radio and they want to make sure that everyone who comes through these doors leaves with as much knowledge, training and preparation to go against the biggest names in radio,” said Browning. “I know for a fact that If I were to get a job with Rock 100, iHeartRadio or another big name station, I know that I would be successful.”

With graduation around the corner, Browning has many plans for the future, one of which is to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. His accomplishments and legacy will remain with the members of WOLF Radio.

“I wanted to give back to the music community,” said Browning. I’ve always loved showing people’s music and I felt like those concepts went hand in hand. The hardest things to leave behind are the connections that I’ve made with some very powerful people who have encouraged me to go onto the next step in my career.”



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