The AmericasMart holds the First Apparel Trade Show of 2020 in Atlanta

Courtesy: Shelby Carroll

The AmericasMart held their first wholesale apparel trade show of the year in Atlanta, Jan. 27 – Feb. 1. The AmericasMart is a permanent wholesale clothing marketplace which first began in Atlanta and currently hosts up to 16 markets and shows a year. Related apparel markets are held annually at various locations across the United States in Georgia, Illinois, Texas, New York and Nevada. 

The Atlanta market serves as the nation’s largest gift mart destination. All of the shows serve designers, specialty retailers and major buying groups from more than 70 countries and every state in the U.S. The first apparel market introduced an array of new Spring styles for this year. While gift markets and bridal shows are held in the meantime, the next apparel trade show will take place at Atlanta’s AmericasMart in April. 

The existence of apparel trade shows and markets like these have given young women the opportunity to gain experience and education working in the fashion industry. While buyers and exhibitors must possess a license to buy and sell at events, employment opportunities are offered by vendors and given at their discretion. 

The markets allow young entrepreneurs the opportunity to be influenced by the fashion industry first hand, but also allows them the opportunity to influence the industry itself. Katie Paris is a college student that has worked with the company and show vendor By Together for the past four years. 

“Markets influence the fashion industry because they introduce boutique owners to new things,” said Paris. “They help them step out of their comfort zone and try new styles that they haven’t tried before. I like pushing customers to do that. This really builds their business by showing them what’s on trend this year and every new market!” 

When markets are not taking place in Atlanta they continue on in their other show locations and convention centers across the U.S. The first apparel market of the year itself was held at the Dallas Market Center the week of Jan. 14. The second show of the year was the one held at the AmericasMart in Atlanta the week of Jan. 27. The third apparel trade show was held in Las Vegas the first week of February at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The fourth and most recent show took place at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, Feb. 11-13.  

AmericasMart in Atlanta keeps their show names simple and descriptive by sticking to the term “Atlanta Apparel.” Other market locations have coined different names for their shows. The show in Chicago has been named Stylemax. The apparel shows in New York go by the title Fame. The shows in Las Vegas go by the name Magic. 

Wholesale apparel markets and trade shows are a great opportunity for experienced as well as inexperienced individuals to find an active place within the fashion industry. If you are not interested in the entrepreneurial or business aspect, the shows themselves are always adorned with stylish decorations and filled with the latest trends. Whether you are a buyer, an exhibitor, or simply there for the experience, the apparel markets are events worth attending.



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