Mediterranean Carrollton

Courtesy: Richard Shah

A new restaurant has just opened up in Carrollton. PITA a Mediterranean Street Food chain made its grand opening on this past Valentine’s Day from 6-8 p.m. where they gave away their best-selling menu items like gyros, chicken gyros and falafels. 

The grand opening was flooded with excited customers ready to try something new. The parking lot was completely full, and overflow had to park on the extra road beside the strip mall on the opposite side of PITA. The line was out the door and snaked its way down the sidewalk in front of the building blocking the store fronts of Tropical Smoothie Café, and the soon to be open Five Guys. 

The kitchen area has a huge clear glass between customers and the workers cooking the food so you can watch as your food is getting cooked but also hear them shouting out other orders. The cash register is straight back to the wall where four TV monitors are all together in one big rectangle shape displaying their menu. 

Their menu consists of street pitas, rice bowls, loaded fries, Greek fries, mezza spreads, pita platters, salads, desserts, a kid’s menu and some extras you can order as well. The vibe of the restaurant was very casual, but it was almost like going to Pita Pit or Moe’s Southwest Grill.

The food was delicious and they were very fast about getting it out in a timely manner. The signature street pita with a side of fries and a fountain drink was phenomenal. The fries were thin little steak fries like you can get at Steak N Shake almost right across the street, but they actually season their fries which were delicious. The lamb in the pita was cut into thin slivers with an extra crunch. The white sauce or cheese type stuff they added on top was a perfect addition along with the tzatziki sauce they cooked the meat in. 

As far as price range goes it is more on the pricey side with the meal being about $13 altogether, but they have daily deals throughout the week that are cheaper options without breaking the bank. If you have a few extra bucks to spend it is definitely an excellent choice to nourish your body. 



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