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UWG College Democrats Gear up For the Upcoming Election

The UWG College Democrats are gearing up for the upcoming general election by hosting informational events on political issues and voting this semester.

Samuelle Walker, president of the organization and Aiy’Anna King, vice president, are working hard this year to ensure students are educated and prepared for the election in November. The organization also has plans for the months following the election.

For the first event of the semester, the College Democrats plan to have a voter registration drive on Oct. 5, which is the last day to register to vote in Georgia. Right after the voter registration drive, the College Democrats will be hosting a panel discussion to talk about vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris along with presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“People do know more about Biden because he was our vice president at one point, so we are focusing the discussion on Harris because a lot of students don’t know as much about her,” said King. “We plan to give students the proper information on Harris so that they are able to make educated decisions.”

Preparing students for election day is the College Democrat’s top priority this semester. Some students had issues with not knowing where or how to vote during the presidential primary election in March and the College Democrats are trying to avoid that this time around.

“We really want to give students everything they need in order to get to vote on election day,” said King.

Another upcoming election the College Democrats are currently focusing on is Georgia’s U.S. Senate election, which will also be held on Nov. 3. The College Democrats are assisting organizations that endorse Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff.

“We want to make sure that students know that national elections are not the only important ones,” said King. “Local elections affect us just as much as national ones.”

Students can find the information they need about election day on the College Democrats Instagram and Twitter pages. The organization is also encouraging students to work the polls for the upcoming election as poll workers are in high demand due to COVID-19.

Since the presidential election will be over by the time spring rolls around, the College Democrats plan to keep educating students on relevant political issues and gear them towards local elections. They also plan to hold discussions throughout the school year that focus on whoever is the sitting president at the time.

UWG students can join the College Democrats any time during the year. The organization will be giving information to students about the elections both on campus and on social media.

“I want to tell students to make sure you do your research on the candidates for the upcoming elections before making any decisions,” said Walker. “There are people that are running both locally and nationally that have good agendas and know what they are doing.

“I feel like we have a very important duty as the College Democrats right now with the election coming up, especially since we are in a red state,” continued Walker. “Students need to know that it is okay to have their own political views.”



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