Kinadi Dill, The West Georgian

2Chalk & Window Paint Contest: A Community Hangout

This year to kick off Homecoming at the University of West Georgia, many exciting, community-oriented events took place right on campus in celebration of school pride. Students, faculty members and alumni teamed up to organize various activities and enjoy homecoming traditions leading up to the big football game that wraps up the week. Some of these traditional activities include tailgating, Greek grind and Howlapalooza just to list a few. There were also several contests that were held across campus, such as the Chalk and Window Painting contest.

The Chalk and Window Painting contest was created for all student organizations to join during Homecoming week and each contest was held in two different locations on campus. The chalk contest was held in front of the UCC building and inside of residence halls across campus. Different organizations were seen showcasing their artistic abilities.

“The sidewalk chalk competition is a Homecoming tradition at UWG that combines creativity with campus pride,” said April Wood, the Executive Director for the Center of Student Involvement and Inclusion. “All student organizations and departments can participate in the event.”

Kinadi Dill, The West Georgian

The event was held on Tuesday, Oct. 19,  from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. where students and department members had tables set up and colored chalk options spread across the pavement. Beautiful artwork was displayed along the large square titles in front of the UCC building. The participants were seen having a ball designing their artwork.

The same excitement was present for the students and department members who participated in the window painting contests.. Vibrant artwork and creative paintings can be found all across campus windows and residence halls. Winners of each competition will be announced at the University stadium following the event at the end of Homecoming week.

“This homecoming tradition showcases artists of all skill levels,” said Wood. “It also helps to spread the Homecoming Spirit to all that pass by the showcase of squares for days to come.”



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