A Vlogger Chases Her Dreams

Many college-aged adults have found YouTube to help them with any and everything they have an interest in. The three biggest content driven markets are gaming, beauty and vlogging all of which garner millions of views and millions of subscribers daily.  

 Agnes Hina, is a junior at UWG currently majoring in Film & Video Production. In her senior year of high school Agnes started her YouTube channel, ItSoFluffy to document the memories of her time going to The DECA International Career Development Conference. Creating this channel started her hobby of being a student vlogger.  

 ItSoFluffy has gained 407 subscribers in almost four years of existence bringing audiences in from a variety of places with the diverse content that is posted.  

 “I realized that YouTube is something I actually really enjoy doing,” says Agnes. “I think that switching my major to Film & Video I think that coming here it kind of helped me to see that I can take YouTube and make something more of it.”  

 Being a full-time college student has made it difficult for Agnes to post consistently but her love for YouTube has not gone away. Agnes plans on creating more content during February if her prior commitments allow.  

 “My YouTube is to share my memories and so I would primarily do vlogs,” said Agnes. “I don’t enjoy sit down videos, I feel like they aren’t really personal.” 

 Currently, on ItSoFluffy, the most viewed video is the “University of West Georgia Freshman Move-In Day 2016” with over 30,000 views. This proves that audiences not only enjoy relatable content but also are in search of it.  

 Thanks to the skills she gained through creating and editing her vlog, Agnes earned multiple video production opportunities, such as creating videos for the local fire department and interning for the University Communications & Marketing in the Creative Services division. Working hands-on with video production, it’s safe to say that Agnes has found her fit at UWG and believes her path will lead her to her dream job.



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