Adam James Determination Leads to a Successful Marketing Career

Being successful in a career field is a long-term goal that doesn’t happen overnight. No matter the job title, success in a particular field will always open up a door of opportunities. Better pay, a flexible schedule and paid traveling are benefits that Adam James obtained while making his way to becoming a marketing procurement production manager. The passion he has for his line of work is what makes his job enjoyable to him.

James works for a global marketing advertising firm called HH Global, under their beer, wine and spirits division. James started as an intern who did a lot of busy work for the company.

“I was answering phones and delivering mail throughout the office,” said James. “From there on I fell in love with what I was doing and wanted to get my hands deeper into actual projects the company had going on.”

James found that the internship phase was just the beginning of his newly found passion but also the most important phase of his career development. When anyone wants to make a job into a career they should ask themselves two questions–do I see myself doing this for the next 20 years and can I be around the company’s product for just as long? For James, his answer was an automatic yes.

“You can’t be successful in your line of work without being a consumer of your product,” said James. “I drink responsibly but I always loved alcoholic beverages. You need to be able to consume your product so you can understand how to market your product to people who may not be as knowledgeable.”

Other than being a consumer of the company’s product, James kept an open mind when talking to other employees in the company. For James, having an open mind and taking constructive criticism has allowed him to create different marketing designs that have helped earn the company money and new investors as well.

“You always want to be open to criticism whenever you make something,” said James. “For me, criticism has led to an even better, more thoughtful marketing design and has opened up my thought process for future projects.”

With criticism sometimes comes self doubt. Some people take criticism as a form of belittling or demeaning something they’ve made when in reality criticism should bring the best out.

“Being vocal is one of the most important aspects of my job,” said James. “That is what marketing is. It’s throwing everything at a wall and seeing what sticks. So if you have an idea, let the people around you know. Don’t be afraid to share it.”



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