Addams Family Review

The Addams Family movie premiered on Oct. 10th just in time for all of the Halloween fanatics to go and see it. The modernized feel of the movie is quite different from the original as much of the storyline is dull and predictable. The movie lacks the plot and individuality that the original movie once had.  

Despite the many flaws of this movie, the producers try to make sure that they emphasize on the idea that it is okay to be different and stand out in a crowd of normal people. The Addams Family is a perfect example of how there will always be someone who disapproves with the way that you dress, act and live your life.   

The Addams Family is shown moving to a place that they believe no one will be able to bother them or make fun of their strange way of living. This place just so happens to be New Jersey. They are shown moving into a huge mansion on the very top of a dark and scary mountain. The producers do a great job of expressing just how different the Addams family is from the rest of the world down below them by placing them in this uninviting mansion as far away from everyone as they can get.  

Another thing that the producers did well with in the movie is that they included some of the features from the original movie that the crowd truly enjoyed. They included the escaped prisoner as a butler, a disembodied hand as an all-purpose helper and most importantly they included the love story between Mortica and Gomez. These few details made the movie something that the public truly enjoyed watching.  

Some of the parts of the plot that were most important were rushed through, while the rather unimportant and boring parts were dragged on for what seemed like forever. There was little emphasis on the coming of age ceremony for Pugsley, which would have been something that the producers would have wanted to focus on.  

The Addams Family animated cast. Image courtesy IMBD.

The coming of age ceremony was mentioned briefly several times throughout the movie, but it was never truly explained as to what this would mean for Pugsley and his family. It would have been nice for the producers to focus on this as they were focusing a lot on being and individual and not worrying about what others were thinking.  

The interaction between the townsfolk and the Addams family was also rushed through and not put to its full potential. Before the audience knew it, the disagreement between the townsfolk and the Addams Family was resolved, but still felt unfinished. This lack in plot left the audience with questions as to how they resolved it so quickly and made you question as to why it was even an issue in the first place.  

Overall, The Addams Family movie was quite a drag and did not do the older version any justice whatsoever. While there was a great amount of focus on individuality and self-expression, it lacked the dark humor and originality that the producers could have used to their advantage.  



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