Apple Does it Again: The New iPhone 11 Releases this Fall

At the annual fall preview event, Apple announced that they would be releasing not only one but three new iPhones. The preorders for these phones began on Sept. 13 and they were officially released on Sept. 20.  

Apple also introduced new colors to the iPhone world. For the iPhone 11, buyers can get their phone in purple, yellow, green, black, white or red. As for the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max, the colors arsilver, space grey and gold. Apple did introduce a new color specific for the iPhone Pro or iPhone Pro Max, which was midnight green. This new color was very popular and put on back order almost immediately due to the demand.  

One of the most exciting new features are the incredible cameras. The iPhone 11 now has a dual-camera system that shoots all video in 4K. These new cameras include an ultra-wide camera and a wide camera. These cameras will allow for users to zoom out farther than they have before in order to capture beautiful large landscapes. Or this will simply allow the user to get all of their friends into one shot.  

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc.

Iphone Pro and iPhone Pro Max now have a triple-camera system that adds a telephoto lens along with the ultra-wide and wide cameras that the iPhone 11 now includes. The new telephoto lens adds the ability for a professional portrait that is closely related to an actual camera. This will allow for users to capture incredible pictures of animal life and sporting events that are not close enough for a normal camera to capture without looking blurry.  

Another thing that Apple focused on improving with the new release is the battery life. Now the iPhone 11 can last up to 17 hours of video time. The iPhone Pro can last up to 18 hours of video time and a new fast adapter charger is included with the purchase of this phone. One of the biggest improvements though shows up in the iPhone Pro Max. The pro Max has the capability of lasting for 20 hours of video time before it runs out. This is 5 times more battery than the iPhone XS Max.  

The capabilities of these new phones are better than any other phone that Apple has released thus far. The storage space on the iPhone 11 Pro Max had a huge leap in space as opposed to the iphone XS Max. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has an insane 512GB of storage available as an option. 

The newest set of iphones is definitely the most impressive of all of the iphones that have been released.  From the longevity of the battery life to the amazing camera capabilities, many users have yet to be let down. 




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