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Astroworld Concert in Houston Causes Mass Casualty

On Nov. 5, at least 11 people were left dead, many others injured or in critical condition during the live performance by Travis Scott at a music festival “Astroworld Festival”. The event took place in Houston, Texas and was planned to be a three-day event. The incident occurred the first night of the event. Many testimonials are being broadcasted on social media, attesting to their experiences at the concert.

Concert goers were speculating as to what caused this many to die and be sent to the hospital. Some even stated that someone was going around the venue, injecting attendees with various drugs. 

In a press conference Saturday, Nov. 6, the Houston police chief Troy Finner spoke out about the rumors being spread about the incident.

“I will tell you, one of the narratives was that some individual was injecting other people with drugs,” said Finner. “We do have a report of a security officer, according to the medical staff, that was out and treated last night. He was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck. When he was examined, he went unconscious. They administered Narcan. He was revived. The medical staff did notice there was a prick that you would get if someone were trying to inject [you].”

The attendees who have spoken out about the incident have also mentioned overcrowding. This is where mass amounts of people will gather in a spot, causing no space for air or space to move around in. Those who are short in nature had more trouble breathing than those individuals who were much taller.

The overcrowding incident was encouraged by performing artist Travis Scott. Scott has been arrested twice in the past for inciting a riot and disorderly conduct. Scott encourages and expects this behavior of his fans.

At the most recent Astroworld concert, it began with a crowd of people trampling a barrier while trying to get into the concert venue. This behavior began to be encouraged by Scott in 2015 at the earliest. The first arrest was made after Lollapalooza, a concert series based out of Chicago. This was the first incident where Scott was arrested for disorderly conduct.
            Scott encouraged his fans to rush the stage, trample security and break barriers at his 2015 Lollapalooza concert event. The second arrest was made in 2017 after Scott performed at the Birdseye View Tour in Rogers, Arkansas.

While many attendees were passing out, Scott only took note of one person rather than the mass amount that was affected. The videos show attendees screaming for help. Two men who are assumed to work for Scott walked on stage and told him that there has been a mass casualty, the concert needs to stop. Scott waved them off stage and told the crowd “You know what you came here to do. Let’s rage.”

 A group of people banded together to chant “stop the show!” repeatedly; these chants were ignored by Scott. Travis Scott is seen doing the robot dance on top of a podium while there are handfuls of ambulances in the crowd. Attendees saw these ambulances as an opportunity to dance on the roofs of the ambulances while the EMTs were resuscitating unconscious attendees.

This event was tragic. Many lost their lives to poor event planning, poor concert etiquette and a rapper who did not take the chance to consider his fans’ wellbeing. This concert was extremely traumatic to attendees. Testimonials on social media are proving the point; Scott did not and was not truly and purely interested in the well being of his fans.



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