Photo Courtesy of Carrollton City Police Department

Carrollton City Police is Celebrating Kay Parsons for 44 Years of Dedicated Service

Kay Parsons is celebrating 44 years of hard work at the Carrollton City Police station. She never expected to stay in a small town for such a long time, or even stay at the same job for an extended amount of time.

Parsons got her position at the police station by mere coincidence.

“I was a victim of a bunch of thefts,” said Parsons. “There was a girl who had her hair cut like me, she was portraying herself as me. She was doing all kinds of crimes around Carrollton. I spent a lot of time at the police station trying to get all of that resolved. Then someone popped in and said ‘you spend so much time around here, why don’t you put in an application’?”

In 1978, police stations in the area did not have 9-1-1 but instead used police radios, similar to what police use today. Parsons was a dedicated radio operator but the job was stressful.

“I was talking to a girl and I could hear her husband throwing knives at her,” said Parsons. “It hit the wall beside her. She was screaming, needing help and I am trying to get her calmed down so she could tell me where she was. You could hear the knives just hitting the wall around her.

“The most stressful [call] that I ever got around is when police officers were in a chase or they were in danger themselves,” continued Parsons. “I was in a lot of situations where the officers were in danger. There were shots fired or hostage situations. Those were much more stressful to me because I was personally invested in these guys that I work with.”

            Her radio operator job was stressful at times. There were times that broke up the intensity with laughter; times that Parsons remembers well.

“One time an office got in a chase with a cow in downtown Carrollton,” said Parsons. “They had to chase a cow down. Somehow there was a cow in downtown Carrollton.”

Parsons current position is Executive Assistant to the Office of the Chief of Police where she files paperwork, pays bills for the station, pulls videos from the on-body cameras for those who want or need them and correspondence for the Chief of Police.

“I’m like a resource person,” said Parsons. “I do yearly reports, I have an annual report that I am working on.”

She is thankful for her many years with the station.

“I just have to say [I love] the diversity of what I have been around.” said Parsons.
“One thing will morph into something else and then morph into something else. I just have the best group of people that you could hope to work with. This is a fabulous group of people. I have had a dream job since day one.”



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