Carrollton Greenbelt Grand Opening

The Friends of Carrollton, LLC are preparing the Hobbs Farm Trailhead for the grand opening of the Greenbelt on April 15, named The Big Event. The Greenbelt is an 18 mile path for pedestrians and nonmotorized transportation. The Greenbelt has been under construction since 2011 and The Friends of Carrollton Greenbelt, LLC are excited to finally cut the ribbon on the Greenbelt to kick off the event that will have something to offer all ages.  

 The ribbon cutting for The Big Event will begin at 9 A.M. and will have lots of activities for participants to enjoy following. There will be a 5K beginning at 9:15 A.M. and a Big Loop Bike Ride at 9:45 A.M. Adult registration for the 5K and bike ride is $35 and includes a participant number, Big Event t-shirt, frisbee, and a glass of Printers Ale craft beer with a collectable glass. The Children’s registration is $15 and includes a participant number, t-shirt and ice cream from AGW.  

 The event will also feature a food and craft beer festival featuring 302 South Street, AGW Ice-cream, Express Mexican Grill, King of Pops, Renegade Chef and Printers Ale. There will also be live music by the Groove Gypsies as well as family art in the park which will last until 1 P.M. 

 The Friends of Carrollton Greenbelt, LLC was created by the group of people who were building the Greenbelt. The organization is now winding down since the completion of the Greenbelt. “We are an organization that was put together by the Community Foundation of West Georgia who manage the contraction of The Greenbelt,” said Martyna Griffin, Vice President of Friends of Carrollton Greenbelt, LLC.  

 The idea of having something like the Greenbelt in Carrollton has been around for a while. “There was a mountain bike trail that went around Carrollton in the mid 90s,” said Griffin. This sparked the idea for the Greenbelt.  

 “In 2003, the state introduced a grant to preserve green space in Georgia and part of those funds were spent on purchasing property, which was Hobbs Farm,” said Griffin. “From there the Greenbelt started to take place and the trail construction started to take place then in 2011.” 

 The construction on the first part of the Greenbelt began between Hays Mill Park and the Carrollton school systems. “This was our first mile and was a test mile, a place that the public could go to and see what the trail would look like and it became very popular,” said Griffin 

 The Greenbelt was a public-private partnership and the majority of the funding was private funding.  

 “We were always talking about what we wanted to do when it was finished and we knew we wanted to have a really big event and we finally ended up calling it The Big Event,” said Griffin. “Most of the people who were involved in constructing the Greenbelt participate in a lot of other trail events all over Georgia so we used the ideas that we saw in other places.”  

 They chose to do the grand opening at Hobbs Farm for the disc golf course. “The course is supposed to be one of the best in Georgia,” said Griffin. “We are hoping to have someone who will do a disc golf class during the event for people who want to play but do not know how. 

 “We want to make sure that everyone knows what the Greenbelt is, where it is and that we are finished and they can use it,” said Griffin. “It is an awesome amenity for the city.



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