Carrollton’s MayFest 2017

Carrollton’s favorite event is back in town. MayFest will be held this year on May 6, 2017, in downtown Carrollton from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. MayFest is one of the biggest events during the year, and it is always filled with family fun. Each year several people sign up to sell their arts and crafts among the streets, while musicians play their hearts out at the AMP downtown.  

“I always make sure I turn in my application to sell my jewelry at MayFest” said Ally Cost, Carrollton resident and online store owner. MayFest is known for their unique individuals selling one of a kind jewelry and other pieces of art. Each item that you will see is all handmade from each vendor, and has a personal touch on each piece. There are always many different art and jewelry booths set up on all corners of the streets, and in between are food and drink vendors. The crafts range from jewelry, paintings, poetry, clothing items, outdoor glass décor items and even some yummy homemade treats for pets. 

“The best thing about MayFest is that I can bring my children and my dogs” said Kailee Stone, Carrollton resident. “It is always a good family fun event to get out of the house, enjoy some sunshine and of course shop for unique goodies.”  MayFest always offers activities for children, to make sure they are a part of the fun. The children’s area always has face painters, rock climbing, bounce houses, slides, games and prizes for the children and family members. For those visiting MayFest for the first time, it is always a budget friendly event, with prices ranging from $5 to $20,  and always has giveaways from many different companies set up at their booths. There are drawings for vacations, gift cards and small prizes from each company with a booth. 

One of the biggest fan favorites at this event would be the performers at The AMP, an amphitheater located behind the Irish Bred Pub on Adamson Square. The AMP always has different types of genres playing year-round, and brings hundreds out for fun. This year MayFest, it will hold the annual MayFest Teen Idol.the Teen Idol will begin at 12 p.m.  This competition helps those to show off their musical talents, and the chance to win cash prizes. Usually about 10 teenagers are chosen to go into the finals, and the judges are always Carrollton based residents. The music will include country, pop, jazz and as well as hip-hop.  

With so many activities at this free event, Along with booths at every corner, all of the originals stores located on the square will and be open as well for shopping and dining.



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