CHS Literary Team Crowned State Champions

Carrollton is now home to another state championship as Carrollton High School’s (CHS) girl’s trio literary team won a five A state championship. 

The long journey to the state championship was not an easy one. Weekly practices and long hours have propelled the Trojans as the class of literary competitions which include singing, extemporaneous speaking and oral interpretation. Singing seems to be the strength of the team, which can be attributed to the support the CHS team receives behind closed doors.  

Choral director and voice teacher Julie Lowry played a role in the championship as well as she helped construct the team. This cannot be understated as each member on the team was handpicked by her. Determined to secure a championship, Lowry even held auditions in which students sang various music excerpts.  

Lowry delved deeper than simply choosing the students with the best voice but instead constructed the team based on whose voices meshed well together. Although Lowry’s requirements seem steep, the recent state title reaffirms that she is the right person to lead the CHS literary team. 

Although the entire team will be crowned as champions, three members of the team provided spectacular performances that secured the win for CHS. 

“Emily Patterson, Rachael Skinner, and Maddie Steed represented us in the trio,” said Lowry.  

The journey of the CHS literary team began weeks before they were crowned champions. CHS forced their way through a regional tournament before they could take their shot at the trophy.  

“We start our competition season really in November,” said Lowry. “It’s a really rigorous process and then with our performing arts they also go to One Act and that is even earlier in October. Then they go to a college run nation association teachers of the singing competition. 

CHS literary team has built a strong reputation for continually producing good literary teams which surely brings plenty of pride and pressure. The latter of which is often felt by CHS. 

“There’s lots of pressure but that’s good in a way because it keeps us on our toes and raises our level of play,” said Lowry. “It is pressure when I find myself thinking, ‘okay, we did this great last year are we going to be able to do it again this year?’ but I think it makes us better each time.” 

Confidence is key when dealing with such pressures. Confidence starts with the leaders and fortunately for CHS Lowry’s was never in doubt. 

“I was confident that we were going to win this year,” said Lowry. “I knew we were up against some great singers from other schools, but I just had a feeling about this trio. Their voices complemented each other’s, and they really sang and performed well.” 

Often people look for a star player when teams win championships. However, CHS chooses to find its strength in unity.  

“The star players are really the ones who participate in the solo events,” said Lowry. “The objective of the trio is to make sure everyone blends and nothing stands out. So, they all have to be strong players.” 

The joy and satisfaction that comes with winning a championship is often accompanied by trophies.   Now victorious the CHS literary team will have plenty of hardware to show off. 

“We received medals as a result of our victory,” said Lowry. “We also got a trophy but this year we will receive state championship rings also.” 

Materialistic earnings aside the CHS literary team has plenty to be proud about. Champions are forever remembered as Lowry and the 2019 CHS literary team is now etched in school history.  



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