COSS Student Advisory Council to the Dean

     Those in the College of Social Sciences (COSS) now have a way to voice student concerns through an advisory council to the Dean.
     Dr. Jane McCandless, Dean of the College of Social Science, asked UWG student Tara Wood to form an advisory council for the students of the department last year. Wood accepted this challenge knowing that it would impact her fellow students within COSS. Wood oversees the council as a founding member and the President while advocating for other students to join.
     “I started the council because Dr. McCandless presented me with this awesome opportunity, which I gladly took to have a voice because while Student Government does have voice for the students, it is for the general student body,” says Wood. “This is specifically for our College of Social Science.”
    Wood has served as a member of the Student Government Association for several years, which has helped her understand the importance of hearing the students’ voices. However, Wood is looking to focus on those within the COSS by working closely with the Dean and students.
     “The College of Social Science Student Advisory Council to the Dean is a council that provides a voice for the students within the College of Social Sciences,” says Wood. “We report up to our department heads or we report up to Dean McCandless if it’s an issue that goes above our department heads.”
      Through general body and executive council meetings students from all majors within the COSS are able to bring their concerns to the appropriate people. The executive council is comprised of Wood and one representative from each major within the COSS. These representatives then hear the concerns of the general body of students and report those concerns in their executive meetings.
      “We meet with the department heads and we voice concerns, whether it’s about classes or organizations within the College of Social Sciences to make a difference,” says Wood. “We are giving them input from the students that they wouldn’t necessarily get because most students won’t tell their professors what’s going on, but they will tell us since we’re in the classes with them.”
     Though the Student Advisory Council has only been present on campus for one year they are already working to make a mark on the UWG campus and within the COSS. They actively make an effort to hear out what the students have to say about things within the COSS, their classes and the faculty.
      “Our biggest accomplishment so far is just that we’ve gotten established,” says Wood. “We’re having that open communication with students and faculty members. We’re the student’s voice to get out information that they may not pay attention to from emails or flyers.”
      The council meets every other Monday at 5 p.m. in the Pafford building and is open for all students to attend. Even students not within the COSS can come by and voice anything about the COSS to the council. The goal of this council is to provide communication between the faculty and students as they work to succeed in college.
      “Students can get involved by coming and sitting in on our meetings,” said Wood. “Applications are open at the beginning of each semester, but they’re welcome to come join us at events throughout the semester.”
     Any student with questions or concerns regarding the COSS can start by contacting the Student Advisory Council. The members within the council will work to make sure those comments are heard and the questions are answered.



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