Disc Golf Soars to UWG

The University of West Georgia is offering introductory Disc Golf courses to the public during the month of April. Two classes have already taken place and one more will be held on April 20. Not only will the course be offered to UWG students, but to anyone over the age of 18. These classes will be held at the newly constructed 18 hole disc golf course at Hobbs Farm. There is a small twelve dollar registration fee in order to participate in the classes held by UWG’s Continuing Education.  

“Continuing Education is a part of West Georgia,” said Erika McClain, program specialist for UWG Continuing Education. “We provide non-credit opportunities to our community, we have youth programs and adult programs.” 

This is the second time that these courses have been offered, the first time being in November of 2016, on the UWG’s Disc Golf Course. Because this nine hole disc golf course is located behind Arbor View Apartments,  is secluded and most students are unaware of its on campus existence. The classes could not be held there this time due to UWG facilities storing mulch on the course. Though facilities could not remove the mulch in time, they helped renovate the course and updated the tee boxes and baskets. After reaching out to the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Association, Continuing Education was able to hold the classes at the Hobbs Farm course which was recently awarded the best disc golf course in Georgia. One can register for the course online on the West Georgia website. 

The course will be taught by Martin Young who is a professional disc golf player who has traveled across the country competing in disc golf tournaments. 

“Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in America,” said Instructor Martin Young. “Disc Golf is one of those sports that you can play as a game or hobby or they can go all the way to playing it competitively.” 

Each class is a stand alone class, meaning that you register for each two hour long course. For each course, Young will be going over the basic fundamental necessities to make a successful disc golf player. 

“It’s basically a 101 kind of course, I’ll be teaching the basic components of learning how to putt and how to drive, and the differences of each disc,” said Young. 

Disc Golf is a sport that is played by people of all ages nationally and internationally. There are over 40 disc golf courses in the Atlanta area alone. 

“After taking this class, you’d be able to grab your discs and go to any course locally, nationally, internationally and play a round of golf and know what you’re doing,” said Young. 

Continuing Education hopes that these classes will help encourage people to go outside and get some fresh air with friends and family members and learn about the growing sport of Disc Golf.



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