Fall 2021 Study Blitz

UWG’s Center for Academic Success hosts a Study Blitz for students to attend each year. These Study Blitz sessions are a good way for students to ask last minute questions and seek last minute tutoring before finals week. There will be a table for different classes with different tutors there to help answer questions.

At study blitz, students are able to take study guides with them, term papers they have been working on or projects they are trying to complete and ask for help with these various assignments. Not only are students able to ask questions for the classes represented at the study blitz but the Center for Academic Success also partners with the Writing Center. The Writing Center will be available to help students look over papers and help with any revisions that may need to be made.

There are free giveaways for students and oftentimes food is provided. This program helps to provide a stress free environment for students and worry less about finals. After attending the study blitz students should feel prepared to take on finals and enjoy their break before the Spring semester starts.
            “In the past, the Center for Academic Success hosted a Study Blitz every semester for students to come together and study for finals, relieve finals stress, and receive help for any course that they may have through tutoring and SI,” said Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction, Shelby Guinn.
            “We have also offered Academic Coaching to make sure that skills are set for finals preparation,” said Guinn. “In years past, hundreds of students have attended these sessions and with the changing times the Center for Academic Success still wants to continue to meet students where they are and work better with conflicting schedules.”

 For the fall 2021 semester, students may attend drop in tutoring at the Center for Academic Success in the UCC and our STEM Center in Boyd along with Peer to Peer tutoring sessions, SI sessions and Academic Coaching.

“We will be offering an Accounting Study Blitz for the fall 2021 semester on Friday, December 3 from 10 a.m.- 3 p.m. in the Center for Academic Success located in the UCC,” said Guinn. “We are hoping to have a good turn out of students.”

Students taking ACCT2101 and ACCT 2102 can get assistance with accounting courses before finals during this event.



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