Fall Festival: Fun in the Rain

There were sights and sounds of leaves falling, people laughing and children on the hunt for candy. The time had finally come for the Carrollton Fall Festival at Adamson Square. Even though the weather was gloomy with rain and dark clouds, the fun never stopped. 

Children were dressed up in a variety of different cartoon character costumes and took in the beauty of downtown Carrollton while also eating as much candy as they could handle.  

While the majority of the events were for children, the parents were able to enjoy snacks for only a dollar. The trick or treating went on for around an hour and a half, allowing enough time for kids to fill up their bags full of sweet treats. 

There were numerous bounce houses that were set up in the middle of the square with lines as long as the eye could see. One of the most popular attractions at the event involved the Carrollton Fire Department. Firefighters were seen taking pictures with the children who were able to tour the firetruck that the men brought with them. The look on the children’s faces when looking around the truck was quite a sight to see. Smiles and laughter were seen and heard all throughout the square as the kids were having a wonderful time. 

Many local business owners were seen standing out in front of their building with a basket of candy to hand out to whoever would come up to them. These owners were thrilled to see the amount of people at the square since the majority of people show up to the square at nighttime because of the robust nightlife scene. 

The big main event of the day was a costume contest which was held around 11 a.m. with a massive amount of contestants. Even though the weather began to become murky with high wind and slight rain, the contest continued with each child trying their best to impress the judges and win. 

The Carrollton Fall Festival was a wonderful experience that celebrates the aura of Halloween as a holiday. From festive decorations all around the square to kids enjoying a fun day eating candy, this festival is a wonderful sight to see every Autumn. 



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