For the People: Jon Ossoff Aims for Big Change in Georgia

Photo Courtesy: Jon Ossoff for Senate

Jon Ossoff, who is running for the Democratic primary in the 2020 Georgia Senate election, is looking to make a change in Georgia’s healthcare and environment infrastructure, as well as root out corruption in the political system. Ossoff is hoping to achieve these goals by uniting Georgians on common sense problems with common sense solutions. An ambitious goal considering the tense political climate we currently find ourselves in and one that won’t be easy, but Ossoff thinks that it is possible as most Georgians typically agree on most.  

“There is a lot of discussion over how polarized politics has become and it is true that the political class is extremely polarized, but regular people agree on most things,” said Ossoff. “We just need political leadership that will answer to voters and not the donors.” 

Ossoff thinks that most people agree on common sense problems and can agree on common sense solutions to those problems, such as the basic rights of humans which is something that he sees many people are struggling for.  

“We have to ensure that every single American has health insurance and healthcare, we have to crack down on price gouging by pharmaceutical companies that have driven prescription drug prices through the roof,” said Ossoff. “Folks are struggling to afford the basics. We all want the basics in life. We all need the basics in life: a roof over our head, food and nutrition, medical care, respect for our human rights and dignity. This isn’t that complicated. We just need legislators who will deliver instead of serving corporate packs who pay them campaign contributions.” 

Ossoff is also hoping to stand up for the young people in America who he sees are being taken advantage of through student loans, the current criminal justice system, and the minimum wage structure.  

“Young people and students in America are being exploited,” said Ossoff. “The student debt crisis is an outrage. The criminal justice system hurts so many young people. Our leader’s refusal to raise the minimum wage hurts so many young people. I will fight to make the public college debt-free, period. I will fight for reform of our criminal justice system including the legalization, regularization, and taxation of cannabis, and I will fight to make sure the minimum wage is a living wage.” 

Jon Ossoff is known for his work as a media executive and investigative journalist where he helped expose political corruption cases. Weeding the corruption that, as he claims, has enveloped the politics of today seems to be one of Ossoff’s primary objectives as he fears that our democracy is at stake.  

“Right now in America we have an epidemic of political corruption,” said Ossoff. “If we do not mount an all-out assault on the corruption that’s destroying our political system we may lose our democracy. We work to hold people accountable who abuse their power.”  

Answering to the voters and not donors is important for Ossoff as he has committed to taking the campaign to the people with the One Georgia Town Hall Series. The series is set up for Ossoff to answer questions from the people and provide them with his answers on issues while bringing humanity and togetherness through the idea of “one people.”  

By doing this he is leaving a transparent wall between himself and the voters, so they know everything about him and his campaign. This is something he thinks is missing from the current leaders, as money and corruption have taken over politics. Politicians are doing a lot of money moving behind the back of the common people and Ossoff is looking to put a stop to it.  

“I am going out to the people of the state to answer any questions they have. We are taking this campaign directly to the people,” said Ossoff. 

Photo Courtesy: Jon Ossoff for Senate

Political corruption has led to what Ossoff says to be a waste of trillions of dollars on wars, bailouts for powerful banks, tax cuts, feeding the wealthiest and best-connected people, and the blame falls on the elected representatives. Too often the big corporations are getting their say on the political situations of America and making changes that best benefit them, not the common people of America.  

“Look at the last few decades of American history,” said Ossoff. “We have squandered trillions on needless wars. Trillions on bailouts for the most powerful banks. Trillions on tax cuts for the wealthiest and best-connected, and our elected representatives are failing us on health care, on the cost of prescription drugs, on climate change and the environment, and on infrastructure. It is because our political institutions are hopelessly corrupted by corporate specialist money and secret money that flows into our democracy.”  

If he wins, Ossoff’s first act as Georgia’s U.S. Senator would be to attempt to repeal the Citizens United Decision, which allows labor unions and corporations to secretly spend their money to influence elections and help defeat running candidates. He stands strong on this as his own campaign is not accepting any contributions for corporate Political Action Committees.  

“My first act as Georgia’s U.S Senator will be to co-sponsor a constitutional amendment that will repeal the Citizens United Decision, which allows unlimited secret money to flow into our politics,” said Ossoff.  

Ossoff has been critical of the current leadership stating that they are letting Americans down on healthcare, environmental changes, letting money flow into politics, and much more. It will take a lot to make the changes Ossoff seeks, but holding those currently in charge accountable is where he is looking to start. 

“Senator David Perdue fears the public,” said Ossoff. “He hasn’t held a single town hall meeting in five years. But he hosts lobbyists and donors who pay him thousands of dollars for secret retreats on his private island. We need to know who attends those retreats. We need to know which lobbyist or corporate packs were represented in the room when David Perdue skipped a hearing of the Armed Services Committee about the welfare of Georgia’s military families to meet with the list of donors he calls his quote, boardroom.”  



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