Good Dye Young

Hair is a form of self-expression and is a great accessory to any outfit. Growing up in the scene kid era kids would color their hair whatever color of the rainbow or the entire rainbow if they wanted to. The possibilities are endless now between hair color that is safe for natural hair and wigs that come in vivid colors.   

Hayley Williams from the band Paramore created Good Dye Young, a line of hair dye for all hair typesGDY is a collection of bright and vivid colors created in collaboration with Hayley’s longtime makeup artist and stylist Brian O’ Connor. GDY celebrates a three year anniversary this March, but is just now making a way to shelves in select Sephora locations and Sally Beauty Supply stores.  

Hayley has always been known for her vibrant hair and spreading the message to always be true to oneself. GDY offers two types of fun ways to dye hair, semi-permanent hair dye and hair makeup (also known as hair wax) and a few hair care products.   

Semipermanent dye and hair makeup come in a variety of colors. The GDY Poser Paste seemed like the best option since it is advertised as hair color without the commitment. Poser Paste comes in eight vibrant colorsUnboxing the product, the paste had a strong smell that was worrisome and a color darker than the color on the box. 

Starting with the application process it was easy and fun. Watching the transformation happen without having to wait a certain amount of time is a cool concept. Poser Paste has the same consistency as play-doh but with a touch of oil. Bergamot and Sweet Orange Essential Oils are infused into this product so it can benefit all hair types. The smooth texture made it easy to rub the product into the hair. It was not as buildable as advertised and it soon became a mistake to apply all over the hair. 

Taking the hair section by section, it is best to work with small amounts of the product, but the desired look was an intense teal color. Taking the time to build the color onto the hair, it was soon discovered that it dries quicklyAs the product was applied, it began flaking off.  

Since the paste is not exactly buildable, it was hard to get as much of the product on the rest of the hair without going over the same strand more than once. It ended up looking like a pale green instead and at this point disappointment set in. It is important to note that Poser Paste contains more than one type of alcohol and that made the hair extremely dry which explains the ability to dry fast. However, this quality is not great for natural hair. 

Poser Paste because is a fun concept and has nice colors that compliment any skin tone. However, bending the rules a little bit such as maybe applying it to damp hair instead of dry hair might have a better outcome. Poser Paste is a fun short- term hair dye, but may not be the best choice if long- term color or natural feeling hair is desired. 



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