Honoring the Life of Marquis House

 A candlelight vigil was held in honor of Marquis House, UWG sophomore, Thursday, Feb. 24 at 6 P.M. in Love Valley. House passed away Feb. 12 in the University Suites. The 19 year-old’s life was cut short due to health complications stemming from type I diabetes. The vigil was a collaborative effort between the on-campus organization B.E.S.T (Black Men Encouraging Success Today), which House was a member of, and Housing & Residence Life.  

Close friends, fellow members of B.E.S.T. and other students expressed their grief, shared feelings, words of encouragements and their favorite memories of Marquis. In addition to students, Cheryl Thomas Hill, coordinator of the African American Male Initiative (AAMI) and B.E.S.T advisor, spoke as well as an on-campus pastor. 

 “Marquis and I’s relationship was like a little brother and big brother,” said Corey Thorton, friend and fellow B.E.S.T member. Thorton met House his freshman year, through their cohort, AAMI, where the two cultivated their friendship. “If you talk to anybody [about Marquis] the first word they’re gonna tell you is goofy. He was funny and really playful, in addition to that he was incredibly smart at the same time,” said Thorton. 

 “He was a very funny and goofy, he was also a very giving person,” said Chris Foster, friend and former B.E.S.T member. “We used to talk about campus, and how we can make it better, and we can make ourselves better. He always preserved. Even though he had type I diabetes he always kept going. He never let it stop him. It was almost like he was a superhuman, he kept going,” said Foster. 

 Marquis House was a beacon of light to those that knew and loved him. The members of B.E.S.T. continue to cherish his memory and uphold the legacy of their dear friend. House was laid to rest Friday, Feb. 25 in Columbus, Georgia.



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