Humanitarian of the Year

Courtesy: Cody Williams

UWG senior, Cody Williams was the recipient of the “Humanitarian of the Year” at the annual Black Excellence Awards on Feb. 26. The award is given to whichever member has made the most impact on the community.

Williams has been very active during his time at UWG. He is a member of the NAACP and is the former president of the Peace and Positivity Organization.

“When I heard my name, I felt very appreciative and empowered. Although it’s from the community,” said Williams. “I am not one to shy away from the fact that I like acknowledgment for my efforts and time. It’s off the clock and not for pay, it’s just the things you do for your community.”

Both memberships involved him going out in the community and doing good deeds such as cleaning communities, doing food drives and providing clothes for those in need. He truly enjoys his involvement in the community and believes it’s truly the person he is and that these good deeds are not just a phase to get by in school.

“As people get older, I think people recognize their destiny and people now realize this is mine. It’s not just doing extra-curricular activities or doing something to represent my fraternity,” Williams. “This is the man I think I was destined to be and the award it’s just another reminder that I’m on the right track.”

Williams thrives in taking initiative and fulfilling the leader role in most circumstances. He often helps organize community events, which shows that this is his true passion. These small acts of kindness can go a long way with those helped, and that is one of his true motivations.

“The award was just another reminder to keep myself motivated to keep working despite whether or not my involvement goes unheard or unseen,” said Williams. “The smallest events of kindness can totally change someone else’s energy and feelings about themselves.”

Despite winning the award, Williams wants to continue to inspire the community and his peers. While he contributes a lot to the community, he knows that not everyone shares his same passion. He is a person of notoriety around UWG and plans to use that platform as a way to get others around campus involved with the community.

“I hope this can inspire people from afar to engage in the community. People see me as someone who is a regular, everyday guy and they see what I’m doing for a good cause,” said Williams. “They will feel more inclined to do projects in the community. I’ve done service on the campus for four years and I hope this recognition will compel others to do the same.”

Even though he is about to graduate, Williams’ impact is felt by the student body and will be passed down to students that come into the school and approach graduation. His legacy is truly inspirational, and he is making great strides amongst the involvement of UWG students in the community.



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