Photo Courtesy via Facebook UWG International Student Club

International Night 2018: UWG World Tour

Photo Courtesy via Facebook UWG International Student Club

Since the early 1980s, International night has been celebrating cultures from around the world as one of the largest culturally diverse events at UWG. The International Student Club, in conjunction with the International student admissions and programs department, has continued this event to allow people an opportunity to embrace their differences, educate and learn from each other to allow diversities to unify the community. 

            The theme for International night 2018 is UWG World Tour. There will be stops at over 20 countries — from South Korea to Jamaica, the diverse student population on campus will come together to represent their country through food, performances and a fashion show.           

        “My hopes for International night is for the UWG community to be able to experience different cultures without having to travel,” said Hemen Iyorkar-Abellegah, International Student Club President. 

           The food is authentic cuisine made by the students. Donations from restaurants in the Carrollton community are also given. Last year consisted of Samba Loca, Gallery Row, Alley Cat and more. In the fashion show, traditional clothing from other countries are showcased. This year’s performances consist of spoken word, dance and singing. 

        “Carrollton has been kind enough to accept we, the internationals into their community. It is only fair that we do our best to show them what we experience where we come from,” said Iyorkar-Abellegah. 

Photo Courtesy via Facebook UWG International Student Club

        On average, over the past few years there has been over 300 guests including students, faculty, staff and members of the community. This event has expanded from the Z-6 dining hall, to the Campus Center, and is now being held in the Coliseum. Each year a larger crowd is expected. Guest have the opportunity to enter a raffle with prizes ranging from gift certificates, t-shirts, and more. 

        Members of the International Student Club start planning at least two months before the date of event. A lot of hard work goes into making this event better every year. The International Student Club brings together organizations on campus and contributions from the community to make this event a night filled with food, culture and fun. 

            International Night 2018 will be held on Feb. 23 in the UWG Coliseum at 7 p.m. Admission is $5. Tickets are available at 



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