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Leading the Pack: Adrianna Bodruk’s Ambition Pushes Her to Success

Adrianna Bodruk is a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations. She is a dependable student who has always been determined to gain as much experience as possible at a young age.

To prepare herself before officially attending college, Adrianna was a dual enrollment student. This allowed her to gain a few credit hours which she not only passed but aced.

“I would describe myself as an inquisitive, organized, diligent and adaptable individual with a strong sense of ambition and determination,” said Adrianna. “I have taken great strides in just the short amount of time that I have been in college.

 “I am very proud of my academic achievements, as I have earned my place on the dean’s list every semester so far while in school,” continued Adrianna.

After transitioning into being a full-time college student, Adrianna was able to fully engage in different organizations offered by UWG that covers both her passion and her future career.

“I am a member of the WOLF Internet Radio, and I recently became a member of Public Relations Student Society of America, otherwise known as PRSSA,” said Adrianna. “I began my journey at the WOLF Internet Radio by participating in the WIT (WOLF-in-Training) Program and learned the basics of working in radio, including how to produce a radio show and get it on-air.

“After successfully completing the program, I earned the Most Valuable WIT Award,” continued Adrianna. “Shortly after this, I was hired as assistant program director at the WOLF and gained experience training others to work on-air, as well as operating board.”

Adrianna has made sure to not only stay on top of her academics but extracurriculars as well. Oftentimes big businesses only hire individuals that know how to both work and enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is because some individuals get so caught up in trying to be the best, they lose focus of life itself.

“Aside from academics, just my experiences interviewing, co-hosting, re-branding, writing and publishing at The WOLF Internet Radio have helped me to expand my skill set,” said Adrianna.

Soon, Adrianna hopes to be well off in her career. Her main goal is to help different organizations and businesses grow by strengthening their image.

“I love helping and inspiring people,” said Adrianna. “Being there for others is very fulfilling and allows me to grow stronger bonds with them. As a mass communications major planning to work in public relations, I plan to build strong, lasting relationships with other individuals through my work.”



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