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Leading the Pack: Sophia Sutcavage Nurtures Through Nursing

Nurses act in selfless ways to provide the best care to their patients. Their main priority is to create bonds with patients. With this nursing mentality, patients are more open to sharing information about themselves that may be a bit challenging. 

Sophia Sutcavage is a Nursing major in her last year of nursing school. Her greatest passion is making sure that others are cared for and happy. She has learned the skill of compassion and plans to use it in her everyday work life. 

“I want to be a nurse so that I can help people during some of the toughest times of their lives,” said Sophia. “I want to be able to make people feel better when they are sick, whether it be physically or mentally. 

“I think my greatest skill as a future nurse is my compassion and my emotional intelligence,” continued Sophia. “As a nurse you have to be able to understand what others are going through and understand they are experiencing some of the worst moments of their lives.” 

The UWG Nursing Program has been designed to prepare and teach individuals going into the field how to meet evolving healthcare needs within the global community. It is especially beneficial now since this is an unprecedented time where COVID-19 has set new boundaries. 

“I have been accepted into a nurse externship program at Tanner Hospital in Carrollton,” said Sophia. “UWG is the reason that I was able to get into the program. I will be working on the pediatric and postpartum unit at the hospital.  

“Getting that position and being able to work with pediatric patients is great preparation for when I graduate,” continued Sophia. “This program is especially important now because our clinical rotations have been shortened due to the current situation with COVID-19.” 

There are different types of fields that nurses can specialize in. At this point, it is unclear to Sophia which area she would like to pursue. However, it is not too late for her. After gaining the experience from the externship program, Sophia will have learned what it is that drives her most.  

Photo courtesy of Sophia Sutcavage

“I definitely want to work in pediatrics because I think children have such great energy,” said Sophia. “Even when they do not feel well, they always look on the bright side of the situation.  

“I’m not sure the exact area of pediatrics, but after the externship I should be able to identify an area of interest,” continued Sophia. Right now though, I am interested in pediatric psych hospitals or units, but I am open to change.” 

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a light mood in the hospital since nurses usually work 12-hour shifts. With this challenge, it is wise that individuals going into the profession are aware of how much their personal actions can affect others.  

“Nursing school is stressful, especially while working two part-time jobs as well as working on a research project to fulfill my Honors College requirements,” said Sophia. “Therefore, I would like to bring positivity and a strong work ethic to my future unit. A positive attitude can impact how your day will go along with your patients’ and coworkers’. 

“One of the best ways to handle stress is to remember what you are working towards and thinking of all the lives that will be changed and impacted because you worked through the stressful times,” continued Sophia. 

Even with positive energy, nursing can still be draining. It is such a demanding career and should not dictate someone’s entire life. Sophia makes time for herself, even if it is just a short period of time, that way she can enjoy all that life has to offer instead of just giving and never receiving. 

“I try to make it a point to allow myself at least an hour a day to relax and do something that I enjoy,” said Sophia. “I enjoy watching movies with my roommates and playing games with my family.” 



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