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Migos: Culture II-Review-Different Sound, Same Migos

        After a breakout year in 2017, which saw Migos evolve into one of the premiere artists in the world, it did not seem possible for the group to go even higher afterward. However, kicking off 2018, Migos has dominated the hip hop game yet again. As if they couldn’t follow up a Grammy nominated album, they released a new album called Culture II 

        The Atlanta rap group has released their third studio album, which contains a total of 24 songs produced by some of the biggest producers such as Kanye West, Mike Dean and Metro Boomin. With the unique sounds on the album, the group shows they have advanced while remaining the same group America fell in love with last year.          

Photo Courtesy: Michael Zorn/Invision/AP
Photo Courtesy: Michael Zorn/Invision/AP

        Culture II does not just have more songs on it, but also more features from the hottest acts in hip hop. Artists like Drake, Cardi B, Gucci Mane and many others helped Migos make this album more star studded and musically diverse than their previous album, Culture. 

        One of the hardest things to do in music is to follow up a highly successful album. Unfortunately for Migos, they had to perform this task after releasing a Grammy nominated album just last year. Fortunately for the group, they have successfully completed this task and made a great follow up. What makes this album so impressive is the decision to include more producers with a variety of sounds.  

        This album finds Migos expanding on a formula that has worked for them in the past while exploring different ways to execute it. Songs like “Made Men” and “Stir Fry” give the best examples of how the group can switch up their style but remain the same.   

        With the album Culture II having so much hype surrounding it, it was only right that the Migos went all out with the features. The trio was able to reconnect with Drake after years since the 2013 hit “Versace” and put together an instant hit with the song “Walk it Talk it.” They also got two of the biggest female artists in hip hop, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, to feature on the song “Motorsport” that became the first single for the album.  

        With a lot of artists, sometimes features come out forced or they do not mesh well, but Migos and the featured artists do a wonderful job of coming together and making songs that will get played across the globe this year and for years to come.  

        The Migos have come a long way in terms of music where in the past, the group was getting made fun of for their rhyme style and content matter. Culture II shows why those same people who disliked the Migos are now singing along. Throughout their career, the group has found ways to make songs that are so catchy everyone can sing along to. Previous hits like Bad and Boujee, T-Shirt, and Fight Night are prime examples of the group’s ability to make hits.  

        This album is filled with songs that even the biggest Migos hater will catch themselves singing to. The group has taken all the buzz and all the hype for the album and shattered expectations with the only real criticism being too many songs. With the year just starting, Migos has put their best foot forward. 



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