Nikita Dragun: Transgender Youtuber Turned Millionaire Makeup Artist

Nikita Dragun is a model and makeup artist who created her YouTube channel in 2013. Two years later she came out as transgender which went on to be a viral video titled “I am Transgender.” Seeking change in the beauty world, Nikita has recently launched Dragun Beauty, a brand that is targeted at the Transgender community and beyond. Since 2015, Nikita Dragun has reached over 2 million subscribers and has risen to Internet stardom because of her honesty, fun personality and amazing confidence.


On March 25, Dragun Beauty launched. The line includes two powders and a color correcting concealer for all skin types and all skin tones. Most beauty gurus collaborate with other brands but Nikita wanted to create something she wholeheartedly believes in herself. Also known as Mother Dragun, she perfectly integrates the fantasy world of dragons and achieving the fantasy look of your dreams.


The two products sold out in one day. The collection launched the DragunHeart Transformative Powder and the DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion inside of a medium sized purple egg.


The DragunFire Skin Perfecting Potion is a color corrector that comes in a bright orange color. Color correcting before applying makeup helps to cancel out any darkness on the skin in a variety of tones such as grey, blue or purple areas. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free. The perfecting potion is also infused with almond oil and shea butter to enhance the health of the skin. The product comes bottled in a sleek hard bottle with a duochrome top that mimics scales.

The DragunHeart Transformative Powder is in a duochrome palette with two powders in heart shaped pans. DragunHeart powder is infused with Cocoa Seed Butter and is a shimmery formula with brightening properties that melt into the skin for a flawless, filtered makeup look.


Dragun Beauty products are easy to use for any makeup lover on any level. The perfecting potion is heavy duty for covering imperfections but so lightweight that it does not look cakey on the skin. It is blendable under any foundation whether it is light, medium or full coverage. The creaminess surprisingly has amazing staying power that does not dry down on the skin, and that is mainly due to the almond oil and shea butter used to condition the skin.


Both products are built to be used on more than one part of the face which makes purchasing both worth the money. Also, they both work well together to bring that face filtered look as promised. As the first two products to come from this brand, it is amazing that both the DragunHeart Powder and DragunFire Potion are so versatile that they can be used together, separate or with other products.


Dragun Beauty is fairly new but not entirely a new concept. That has left room for comparison to other beauty gurus and negativity looming over the brand and the brands Instagram. Shy of a restock in mid-April many have seen that Dragun Beauty is not as inclusive as it promises to be. Although Nikita is not the first YouTuber to come out with an entire makeup brand, she is the first choice for a majority of people simply because of the price point and the brand’s personal mission. Dragun Beauty is here to empower and help everyone unleash the fantasy within.

Nikita Dragun has come to slay the beauty world and aims to bring her fans closer than ever through makeup everyone can use.




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