After an unexpectedly long retreat the Canadian singer and songwriter PARTYNEXTDOOR, or Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, released his third studio album PARTYMOBILE on March 27, 2020. Along with releasing solo music, he has featured and combined his vocals with almost every A-list rapper in the industry. He has typically appeared to stay in the spotlight, collaborating and penning hits with artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Big Sean, Jeremih and others. Over the past couple of years PND seems to have taken a break that some would say has acted as a palate cleanser in reference to his typical style.

            There are three singles released to date recently that remind fans of what has made him such a hit – “The News”,  “Split Decision”, and “Loyal” featuring Drake. Aside from these, PND has given fans new ideas of what to expect from him in regards to future projects. There is the possibility that he will experiment with a new style entirely, but he could always attempt to recapture the enchantment of his first two hit projects, PARTYNEXTDOOR and PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO. These are undoubtedly considered his classics.

While PND’s most recent album may not be the fan’s favorite, he presents a consistency within his portrayed potential. He has always been an excellent writer and an artist within the sound of electronic-infused R&B. His first project was released to iTunes back in 2013, so as an artist he has had and still has time to experiment within the realm of his capabilities and style. He earned his first number-one song as a songwriter in 2016 when Rihanna released the lead single “Work”. For 9 consecutive weeks this song maintained its spot at number one on Billboard Hot 100 and helped advertise his name and career in the industry.

PND has always proven to be a vulnerable and passionate artist that channels his heartbreaks and other relatable emotions. It is this connection that has always enticed listeners and made them appreciate the way he passionately writes and organizes the sounds of his music. Whereas PND has seemed to strive for companionship throughout his music in the past, his current album release displays a more focused journey of embracing his self-worth. He admits past moments of toxicity, but sings of his optimism for loyalty.

PND is an artist that may have gone Hollywood, but never lost who he is in reference to caring what the public eye thinks of him. PND’s authenticity is a special power to possess and he illustrates that throughout his various experiments with sound. Many fans and critics have been divided in their opinions on the direction he is currently headed with his music. He seems to be taking the time necessary to perfect whichever direction he is going, and will always have what originally made him a mastermind in his bag.



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