Pie Slamming at UWG Baptist Collegiate Ministry Fall Festival

           This Halloween, the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) kicked off its fall festival filled with quirky costumes and fun games at UWG. The BCM is usually more involved with mission trips and worship, but on Halloween they just invited all UWG students out to have a fantastic time at its Fall Festival.  

The night began with members of the BCM greeting everyone and having them enter into a raffle and telling students about the costume contest going on. Each guest had to guess how much candy corn was in a glass jar and provide their names for the raffle. For the costume contest, everyone that was dressed up had to wait until the judges arrived to enter. The prizes for the contests were a $10 giveaway and a pie to the face of a few leadership members at the BCM.  

Photo Credit: Allison Lee

            Some of the games that were there included Four Squares, Balloon Darts, a Nerf gun shooting range, cup stacking contests, Pin the Skeleton, Bowling and Pumpkin Pong. Plenty of people would rotate between games and got to connect with friends while dressed in fun Halloween costumes. There were a few board games such as Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Yahtzee and Chess as well. Each student had to help set up the games for the next group once they finished with them, which helped in keeping the BCM clean.  

            According to some of the leadership members, the BCM used to have dances for the Fall Festival, but they were not that successful. They decided to just add other activities to celebrate Halloween at the Fall Festival instead. The BCM was decorated for Halloween and included a white backdrop where students could get their pictures made by an artist or make their own pictures. They also played music throughout the event to spice it up a little and hopefully get some people dancing regardless.  

            At the end of the night, the judges got together to decide who would win the candy corn raffle and the costume contest. The judges then revealed the winner of the candy corn raffle, Rebecca Carson, who guessed that there were 1,123 candies in the jar. There were three categories for the costume contest which were Best Duo, Most Creative Costume and Best Overall. The winners for the costume contest were a couple dressed as Forrest Gump and Jenny for the Best Duo, Taylor the deer for the Most Creative Costume and a girl dressed as Mrs. Piggy for the Best Overall.  

           Members of the BCM and those in attendance were asked to take a picture at the end of the event to commemorate it. The BCM continues to have an open and friendly atmosphere to visitors of any kind that step through its doors. All of the money raised will be used towards ministry missions. The leadership members enlisted for the pie in the face where Randy Parker, Clinton Robinson, Nicholas Dedman, Calli Davis, Tara Wood and Sydney Hopson.  



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