PRSA Conference Arms UWG Students for Future Careers

UWG students connected with public relations professionals from across the globe at the 17th Annual Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Conference in Atlanta on Feb. 24.

Jamie Cochran

UWG students connected with public relations professionals from across the globe at the 17th Annual Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Conference in Atlanta on Feb. 24.

PRSA is a professional organization that brings public relations, communications and marketing practitioners together. PRSA provides professional network and developmental opportunities for students and professionals to continue their education in the public relations field.

The conference brought leading professionals to discuss the industry’s new challenges and provided expert advice to young professionals ready to jump-start their careers. This was an opportunity for UWG students to learn from industry leaders, share ideas and find new ways to grow within their future career fields. 

Students were able to network and make new connections in their field of study. UWG student, Lauren Baker, was able to network with public relations professionals for the first time. Baker passed out her resume and business cards for potential job opportunities while PR professionals provided her with insight, advice and feedback. Networking provided Baker with a foundation of contacts for future use. 

“I enjoyed talking toeveryone and asking them questions about their business. They gave me so much insight into starting my own business,” said Baker. “Everyone was so friendly and answered any questions I had.”

The conference had an organized agenda that enabled participants to navigate easily throughout the day. The event was filled with a variety of keynote speakers, including Dr. Candace Steele Flippin. She shared her expert advice about how a career is just a journey. She informed the students to be open to all opportunities after college and not be locked into a set career path.

“Dr. Flippin made me realize there is no set way to be in PR,” said Baker. “She gave me so much inspiration about my own career path.” 

Janelle Cogan was another keynote speaker and is the global enterprise team editor of the Associated Press. Cogan offered her insights into the latest media trends, the best practices for pitching a story to the media and how to transcend a story to national news.

 “From beginners to professionals, there was something there for everyone,” said Baker.

Students actively participated in the “Ask Us Anything” sessions where they sat one-on-one with PR professionals to ensure a lasting impression. “This was my favorite part,” said Baker. “I could ask for any advice that I needed about my career path.”

The PRSA conference was an opportunity for all professionals and students to come together for networking and to build a community with other professionals in the field. 

As PRSA members, students have access to a searchable digital library that provides an endless amount of opportunities to collaborate with PR professionals. Students also learned about new research and trends and met some of the most influential practitioners in the PR industry.



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