“Rare” Illness Won’t Stop Selena Gomez

After three years of recovery and self-exploration, Selena  Gomez released her new album “Rare” on Jan. 20. Gomez put a halt to music and touring after 2015 due to her life threatening battle with Lupus. After receiving a kidney transplant, Gomez was able to begin her musical career again.

“Rare” is composed of 13 tracks spanning 42 minutes with collaborations from notable artists such as Kid Cudi and 6LACK. The most successful chart-topping songs of the album are “Lose You to Love Me” followed by “Look at Her Now” and “Rare”. The album has been nominated for multiple awards since it’s debut. 

“Rare” differs from Gomez’s past albums in the sense that the tracks are recounts of her recovery and personal growth during her time away from music. This album allows fans and listeners to see the growth that Gomez has undergone especially in songs such as “Lose You to Love Me” which recounts how Gomez separates herself from her love life which has allowed her to love herself more. 

Other songs such as “Cut You Off” allow listeners a peek inside of Gomez’s love life as well. In both songs, Gomez expresses how cutting off and changing her love life has allowed her to regain her mental health and happiness. In the song “Dance Again”, listeners can hear how liberated Gomez is now that she is healthy enough to dance again which has lifted weight off of her.  

Overall, the album scores a nine out of ten.  Gomez does a fantastic job in giving her listeners a variety of songs that range from ballads, dance tracks, and soul music. Gomez makes wise choices in collaborations with artists of different genres such as Kid Cudi. Cudi has not released a collaboration since 2018. “A Sweeter Place” which features Cudi, is a highlight of the album. 

It is evident that Gomez has not lost her touch but has evolved as an artist and a person. It is safe to say she can contribute a great deal of her album’s success to the trials and tribulations that she has endured during her battle with Lupus.

This album could be suggested to anyone who enjoys the pop genre. “Rare” combines both pop and personal experiences to create both a joyful and liberating album for listeners. Gomez’s fandom the “Selenators” are sure to enjoy the heartfelt tracks until she releases her next project. It is safe to say that Selena Gomez is back to contribute and conquer the Pop industry. 



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