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Rewinding ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’ Over and Over

With Netflix dominating the streaming field, it can be hard for other companies to compete, but Amazon has managed to do just that. Amazon’s new original movie, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, based off of the short story by Lev Grossman, gives a new twist to the age-old classic Groundhog Day

            The movie follows Mark, played by Kyle Allen, as he navigates living the same day over and over again. Suddenly, his day deviates from the pattern and he meets Margaret, played by Kathryn Newton. In meeting Margaret, Mark is determined to try to understand why they keep living the same day over. He also wishes to keep Margaret around as she is the only person who understands what he is going through. To achieve this he proposes that the two team up to find all of the perfect things that happen on that day and document where and when they happen. The two fall in love and Mark learns the real reason why this is happening to him.

The familiarity of the storyline is in part of what lends to the movie being a success. Ever since the achievement of Groundhog Day, many movies and TV shows have taken the idea and put their own twist on it. Therefore, many who enjoyed the Groundhog Day notion have also taken a liking to these interpretations as well. Though because the premise of Groundhog Day has been used so much, the movie can feel a little derivative at times, but thankfully not always because of the spin it takes. 

Towards the end of the film there is a giant plot twist that completely turns the film on its head. Eventually the audience learns that the repeated day does not revolve around Mark, but in fact it revolves around Margaret. We learn that she wished for this to happen to keep her mom from dying because her mom is on her deathbed. This plot twist is what takes the movie to the next level. It shows how difficult it can be to face death and how in order to be happy sometimes one has to let go. Margaret knows that allowing everyone to live the same day over and over again isn’t right and in order to be at peace with her mom’s passing she needs to allow herself to be happy as well. 

The teenage romance and relatability also makes the movie a hit. Most people relate to the feelings that the characters have in the film and can remember how they were as teenagers making the film nostalgic. How the characters start out as two people on a mission and in the end, wind up realizing that they are the answer gives the audience hope that they two can have a romance such as Mark and Margaret’s. The chemistry that the two actors portray on the screen gives a believable performance of the love they share. 

In the end, the coming-of-age movie allows for a new interpretation on the concept that Groundhog Day offers. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things allows for a heartfelt story to shine through and is sure to bring together those that watch it. 



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