Softball Field Makeover

     New amenities have been added to UWG’s softball field this year, including both aesthetic changes and practical changes. The changes were added to up the credibility and appearance of the softball team, and to create a better viewing experience for fans attending the games. 

      “The whole complex was built in 2009,” said Matt Cooke, the Assistant Athletic Director at UWG. “It was only the football and softball fields with the dugouts and fieldhouse for soccer and softball. This was all fence and there were no stands. Now, there’s a much better view of the field in general. It looks more like a college softball field instead of a high school complex.” 

     Because of the high walls and fence around the field, it used to be that nobody could sit and enjoy the game. The stands were added in 2011, and this year a full makeover was given to the field. The high walls of the field in front of the stands have been lowered and replaced with a high net behind home plate. New padding was added to the entirety of the walls, and turf now goes behind home plate and all the way into the dugouts. The softball team itself has also been on an upswing, which could be the reason behind these changes. 

      “We have a lot of young talent this year,” said Cooke. “We lost the starting first baseman, who was the GSC Freshman of the Year last year, due to an injury. It’s been a challenge, but the other players have really stepped up to pick up the slack. We’ve gotten more and more competitive each year.” 

     Cooke is confident that the softball team will finish this season strong and be successful in many seasons to come with the young talent in the program. The makeovers to the softball field were made to reflect that change and give a more inviting atmosphere to the complex overall. Many other changes are in the works for next year, including more apparel from Adidas, a brand that UWG mainly utilizes for sports apparel. 

     “We look the part and we’ve got a base of talent that will put us in good places,” said Cooke. “So, the future is pretty bright.” 



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