Student by Day, Cop by Night

Drew Gasstien is a fulltime student and an undercover police officer at the Georgia University Police Department. He always wanted to maintain order, but his parents forced him to go to school and get a degree. This did not stop him from doing what he loves. It is difficult to study and work at the same time, but not for Gasstien. Responding on emergencies, promoting good community relations and criminal law is an excitement which keeps him on track and makes him follow his dreams  

It was extremely difficult to get into the Georgia University Police Department,” Gasstien said. 

Every future police officer has to pass a training which is around one year, but for me, it was only two months because I have limited responsibilities for now. 

Limited responsibilities, but one step closer to the dream. Not everyone passes training. Usually, the weakest people leave in the beginning, or in the middle of the training course, but the strongest finish it and get all the fireworks.  

As I said, training is exhausting and hard, so only 20 percent of the group out of 100 percent will actually graduate, Gasstein said.   

On a daily basis, police officers do regular responsibilities which are finding violators of the law and checking people on following the law.  

Our daily routine consists from patrolling the territory of campus, giving parking and traffic tickets to violators,” Gasstein said.   

Days like these sound easy and not complicated at all. Days like these are common, but there are some days and situations which can be dangerous for their lives. Every shift is unexpected. Police officers always keep in mind that one shift could be the last one.  

Two months ago I got shot during one of the operations when we were arresting a woman for pointing a gun on her ex-husband and children,” Gasstein said.  

Who could expect that a student, who works for Georgia State University Police Department, will be one step in the grave? But this is life, and a job is risky, but it has interesting and exciting opportunities. For example, for Gasstein, an undercover officer.  

Sometimes, whenever we need to stay unrecognized, we work in civil clothes,” Gasstein said. Most of the time, we do it whenever we need to conduct special operations, such as drug purchasing and arrests of a big group of people which are a danger for our the society. 

This is probably one of the most dangerous parts of a police officer’s routine. That is is why people who decide to be a police officer have to be passionate about it.  

I am the first person in my family who fights for civil rights and I am proud of this,” Gasstein said. I want to be useful for the City of Atlanta and become an officer with full responsibilities, or an investigator. 



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