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Study Abroad: Business in South Korea

In the past UWG has had the ability to send students around the world to learn and study in different environments known as study abroad. Some departments at UWG have had the ability to send their students to countries like Morocco, Italy and Costa Rica. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many study abroad trips had to be canceled in spring and summer of last year. Many countries were forced to close their borders, prohibiting outside travelers. However, with the recent decline in cases because of safety protocols and vaccine productions, the Management department in the Richards College of Business is now planning their first trip since the pandemic. Students will have the ability in spring of 2022 to spend their semester abroad studying in South Korea. 

            “This year we weren’t going to get approval for study abroad so we did a virtual study abroad program,” said Erich Bergiel, Professor in the Management Department. “As of right now we have gotten tentative approval to schedule our trip for Spring 2022. We are really excited about this opportunity and have received a lot of interest from students about traveling again.”

            With the opportunity to study abroad, students are able to continue working towards their degree while living in a new country and learning about the various cultures. Departments that offer study abroad programs put in a lot of effort to make sure all students have the best experience while away from home and have the opportunity to learn as much as they can. 

            “For our trips it’s all very scheduled,” said Bergiel. “We fly over to the country and then are greeted by our hosts, and while there, we have a pretty good model of a combination of business visits and cultural visits. Some business and cultural visits are mandatory and then we offer the student other opportunities to engage in cultural activities.” 

            The Management Department will be traveling to South Korea, a country they have yet to go to. Bergiel mentions that the department tried to offer students the opportunity to go to countries that they might not get the chance to visit out of college. 

            “The College of Business has never been to South Korea, I have been there on my own and really enjoyed my time so I think the students will too,” said Bergiel. “One thing that as far as the Management Department has is that our strategy is to try to go to countries or locations that students might not go. 

            “Before the pandemic, we were going to go to Dubai,” continued Bergiel. “But then had to cancel that trip due to COVID-19, but we have also gone to China, Prague and places that may not have been your first choice.”

            This opportunity is counted as a study abroad class where students are able to get credits from a management class and a marketing class. The marketing class will focus on the differences in advertising and consumer behavior with the different countries. The management class will focus more on the cultural and management aspects of the different countries. 



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