The College Girls Movement

The club and organization College Girls Rock is changing the way young women take on college at UWG by providing them with a space to develop real relationships. 

 The team meets in TLC 1301 every Monday. The women empowerment group focuses on helping young women see that there is a reason to stay in college and reach their future dreams of success.  

“College Girls Rock was made for the betterment and representation of college women,” said Graves “It is more than just an organization it is a movement to show the world that College Girls actually do rock”. 

The founder of the movement is a West Georgia Alumni, Taylor Lanier, who wanted to help young women like her and she decided to introduce College Girls Rock for girls. Ashlee Graves is the program director of the current College Girls Rock chapter and she loves what the organization stands for. 

“I joined as an incoming freshman in 2016, it was at the Organizations Fair and I loved the movement and had to be apart of it! It’s an amazing organization that helps women on this campus feel appreciated,” said Graves. 

The team is an all-girl organization that puts their passion into their studies but also in their community. This semester they have planned events that help young women on the college campus invest in their environment and developed their networking skills too. 

“We held a Breast Cancer Skate Night, Curls Night Out, Pajamas & Network, Road Clean Up, just to name a few,” said Graves. 

One of their upcoming events has been planned to help the angst that comes along with the end of the semester. 

“We’re having an event called Burning Your Anxiety as a moment to release the stresses of school since we know the semester has been busy for our members,” said Graves. 

They love to give young women a chance to talk life and studies in a cheerful environment that ensures them they are never alone. College can seem like a really hard place to be sometimes and the challenges that come along with it can be tough but communities like this give college students strength. 

“Our purpose is to provide positive, purposeful and developmental experiences for underrepresented minority students to prepare them for college, ensure they succeed in college and guarantee their success after college,” said Graves.  

This movement is growing larger and larger and West Georgia has housed it from the very beginning. There is something to be said of college women choosing to come together and make their college experience worth their while. 

“Although there are other all-girl organizations represented on campus, we tend to focus on including all women from all walks of life. We also focus on making our members feel comfortable to the point where they aren’t just members, we are a family,” said Graves. 

And something they are hoping to implement soon is a Co-Ed group, maybe a College Boys Rule is on the horizon? They are a majority female organization but the crew is actually looking at allowing males to come and help grow their team as long as they are focused on developing co-ed relationships with the existing girl members. 

“At the end of the day we just want to promote our mission which is to make sure college is worth it for ALL students,” said Graves. 



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