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The Delta Variant’s Impact on the Stock Market: Rise or Fall?

With the Coronavirus’ emergence in the beginning of 2020, the global stock market crash it created is still prevalent. Businesses, schools and essential facilities such as hospitals and clinics are being hit significantly, leaving many people with a growing fear about where things are headed next with the unexpected virus.
            With cases continuing to rise, the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine which is now available to all people 12 years or older nationwide. The vaccine does not prevent the spread of a new strain of the virus, commonly referred to as the Delta variant.

As an investor, this is crucial information to take into account when deciding where to specifically invest money, especially from a beginner’s standpoint.  Among those affected by the stock market crash are stock investors, shareholders and full-service brokers.

“There are biopharmaceutical companies, such as Moderna and Pfizer, who have shot up in earnings since the Delta variant outbreak. Moderna’s stock price has risen more than 400% since the emergence of the Delta variant, and Pfizer has increased more than 25%,” said Issac Jones, a senior business major here at the University of West Georgia who has actively participated in the stock market since 2016.

“Personally as an investor, the idea is to trade around current events, so seeing financial gain in these specific biopharmaceutical companies because of [COVID-19’s] presence has been particularly critical to pay attention to,” said Jones.

This aligns with various technical charts throughout the stock market which depict a current rise in numerous stocks despite the extreme spread of the virus. Many investors in the industry are paying close attention right now more than ever as there are many increases occurring and positive trades impacting the markets this year.

“Understanding your investment goals, doing adequate research and thinking long-term is key when it comes to investing,” said Jones. “These strategies are actually what has helped me make informed decisions when analyzing the market and putting my money into certain companies. As a beginner, looking into the market right now may seem a bit intimidating at first, but there is a lot of room for profit and growth as well. I definitely recommend investing.”



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