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The Real Anna Delvey ‘Inventing Anna’ Review

Netflix’s original show “Inventing Anna” is a captivating show that captures the indictment and personality of Anna Delvey. The show follows her actions that led to her cunning Wall Street’s biggest banks and frauding almost billions of dollars out of establishments. The show also focuses on the journalist Vivian Kent that brings Anna’s story to the forefront, racing to restore her reputation using Anna’s story.

Anna is in her 20s and is trying to make connections with New York’s finest and most wealthy suitors. What makes Anna Delvey different from any other person climbing the social ladder is that Anna is strictly business. She uses the trope of having a very wealthy father and a trust fund that she gets to collect at a certain age. Anna carries herself in a certain manner well enough that she gets people to believe her story and invest in her; Anna is not all bad.

Anna develops connections with people that initially starts off with buying them until ultimately turns into her needing them.

            Anna developes friendships with multiple people that she ends up using and discarding in the end. The most famous of her friendships is Rachel Williams, who at first admires Anna because of her lavish lifestyle. Anna buys Rachel the most expensive items, offers trips and dines her at the most popular restaurants until everything turns upside down when Anna takes her on a trip to Morocco. Rachel ends up paying for the entire trip with Anna promising to pay her pay from her alleged trust fund.

            On the other hand, Vivan Kent persuades Anna to talk about the events in hopes that it restores her career. Kent knows that Anna’s only interest is fame so in exchange for Anna’s story, Vivan promises to make Anna famous.

Although Anna’s story is truly the story of the millennium, it also points out the major system flaws in our own economy. For instance, Anna came from Germany from a lower middle-class family. Anna understands at a younger age how powerful a person’s persona and appearance is and just how far those elements could take someone, especially in America.

“Inventing Anna” cites in every episode, “This whole story is true. Except for the parts that are totally made up”. Not only is this adding to the contradicting elements of Anna’s own life but it also adds to the nature of Anna’s true character. Anna believes that in her mind, her actions are not of fraud or scam but simply her achieving a bigger dream- a dream that never happened. This biggest contradiction focuses on Anna agreeing with Kent, the journalist, seeking to achieve fame through her case while Kent restores her reputation in the media.

“Inventing Anna” is an interesting show that, aside from showing the parts of Anna’s life, also allows the audience to think about Anna’s how her own potential could have been much greater than an indictment.



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