The Responsible Sexuality Committee Is Making a Comeback

The Responsible Sexuality Committee (RXCOM), an organization at UWG that aims to educate students about sexuality and sexual issues and to promote healthy decision-making regarding sexual behavior, is working to become more active and regrow its membership after its usual activities were postponed due to the pandemic.

“Specifically, through its work, the RXCOM attempts to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexually-transmitted diseases and date rape as well as other sexual, physical or emotional abuse between and among students,” said current Chair Dr. Betsy Dahms. “The RXCOM does this through educational programming.

 “Although we have not done surveys on campus to determine how our programming might have reduced abortions, sexual assault, or other forms of harm that come to students from expression of their sexuality, we have evaluated each of our programs over about the past 35 years,” continued Dahms. “Student comments on these evaluations indicate that our programs assisted students in taking greater responsibility for the expression of their sexuality, becoming more aware of ways in which harm could come to them or others and sharing things learned in our programs with friends, roommates, fellow classmates, etc.  Also, because of the fact that the committee was comprised of persons in various units on campus (e.g., Health Education, Health Services, Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Foreign Languages, Theatre, Residence Life, Education, Health and Wellness), the committee was always well-informed about problems that were surfacing on campus which resulted from lack of educational resources on particular topics.”

However, the pandemic has greatly affected the RXCOM and its ability to conduct business as usual.

“The RXCOM was very active before the pandemic,” said Dahms. “We have also lost members who have moved on to other institutions. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the committee membership.”

As part of the RXCOM’s efforts to rebuild its membership, it has been partnering with other student organizations and hosting fun and educational events both on and off campus.

“We hosted our signature ‘Let’s Talk about Sex’ panel on August 30, 2022 where students submitted anonymous questions about sex, gender and sexual health to a panel of health care professionals, faculty, staff and students,” said Dahms. “The Responsible Sexuality Committee collaborated with CSII and the Queer Student Alliance to host a National Coming Out Day ice cream giveaway on the grassy triangle on October 11, 2022 and ‘50 years of QSA’ birthday celebration on October 13, 2022. The Responsible Sexuality Committee also partnered with the Carrollton Rainbow Connection to host Carrollton’s second ever Pride celebration on October 14, 2022. Hundreds of community members and students filled 4am Coffee Roasters as they learned about community resources for the LQBTQ+ population and celebrated their individual identities. This educational and community-building event was followed by a 18+ Drag Show and Dance party.”

Unfortunately for the committee, the biggest issue it faces is telling students about its mission and events. In particular, the committee is currently looking for someone to help establish a social media presence and welcomes any volunteers who would like to join the committee.

“The biggest challenge we’re facing is publicity and marketing,” said Dahms. “We need help getting the word out.”



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