The struggles for UWG Faculty since school cancellation

With the University West Georgia transitioning to online base classes for the rest of the spring semester, a lot of faculty and students are not used to these types of classes. One of the facilities on campus that are really taking a big hit from the COVID-19 virus is the Bursar’s office.

The workload for the office has doubled because of the cancellation of the rest of the semester. They are having to deal with refunding students that lived on campus and also had meal plans as well, determining the right amount students should get from this semester.

“This is a crucial time for us. We are dealing with the COVID-19 that affected the spring semester,” says Tommy Jenkins, Associate of the Bursar’s office. “I want students to know even though the spring semester was cancelled we are working diligently to make sure the upcoming summer semester will have no problems.”

With all the calls and emails that the office has been receiving during the past two weeks because of the COVID-19 virus, the Bursar’s office has been a hectic environment.

“We are trying to work as hard as we can so students can get their money back for the spring semester, but we are dealing with every student that lived on campus and had a meal plan,” says Jenkins. “We are making sure every student gets what they are rightfully owned back from the school.”

On top of everything else the bursar’s now has to begin adjustments with the university’s recent decision to move all summer courses strictly online.

“Right now we are working very hard to make sure the summer semester is intact so that students can feel comfortable registering for classes and knowing they will be able to complete them,” says Jenkins. “Even though the University systems of Georgia have cancelled face-to-face classes for the May and summer semester we are making sure all the classes can be moved to an online class. The Bursar’s office is working to make sure students are not getting the short end of the stick.”



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