The Vault Re- Opens to the Public

Carrollton has a new bar in town, and it is bringing a new type of class to Adamson Square we all know and love. Despite being a college town, Carrollton does not have many options for students to go and socialize. The Vault is designed to be a relaxed environment for frequent bar-goers who just want to enjoy themselves in good company.


The Vault had a pre-opening last summer to introduce the regulars on Main Street to the new joint. The bar is described as “Carrollton’s Only Speakeasy”. A speakeasy was a bar or nightclub during the Prohibition era, so the interior is designed as such.


The atmosphere is really nice and the people are very friendly. The bartenders and cooks are always there with a smile and good conversation.


“It’s a different environment than all the other bars in Carrollton,” said Israel Brassell, cook at the Vault. “As an employer, they’re a lot more willing to work with their employee’s school schedules than other places on the square, and the management and owners are fun to work with.”


Also unlike most places on the square, The Vault offers live entertainment on some nights, in true speakeasy fashion. The performances range from smooth jazz to stand up comedy.


So far the crowd that this new establishment has attracted are all enjoying chill people just looking for a good time.


“I love the decor and the lighting of the venue,” said Ethan Orphe, customer. “The service is good, and I always feel welcomed in and the jazz and blues music is a nice touch.”


The Vault is not just open at night, like other places on the square it is open during the day as a restaurant. The menu is styled in 1920s-1930s fashion with specialty, gourmet hot dogs. Each hot dog is topped with interesting ingredients to give it character to match their special names. There is an Al Capone, the Pretzeldent Hoover, the Fire Flapper and other exceptional hot dogs. They also provide a kids menu, dessert and they also cater events.


Being a brand new business when so many others around town have closed down is very risky. However, good business owners know how to pull in a crowd. Each day of the week The Vault has different deals for their customers in an attempt to get new groups of people in.


Currently, members get discounts on Mondays, Tanner Medical employees get discounts on Tuesday, UWG employees get discounts on Wednesday, Southwire employees on Thursday, Greenway employees on Friday and the Barrel House Blue Band plays live music on weekends. It is unknown if these discount days will change in the future.


There are not many themed restaurants or bars in town or in the surrounding area that provide such a different dining or bar experience as this one does.


Carrollton is lucky to have a new place like this one open up to bring new experiences to the students and residents of Carrollton. The Vault will be a frequented spot this summer and anyone who enters will not be disappointed.



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