The wait is over: Pita Pit offically opens

On Monday, March 13, Carrollton’s long awaited Pita Pit finally opened its doors for business. The opening comes after nearly two years of waiting, planning and preparation by owners and UWG alumni John Crossley and Josh Pline. 

 The new restaurant, located on Adamson Square, opened its doors at 10 a.m. for regular business hours and ran a special deal which allowed customers to buy one pita and get a second for free. The two-for-one deal and the long awaited grand opening resulted in a steady stream of customers flooding into the store for the majority of the day. 

 By 11 a.m. nearly every seat in the restaurant was filled and among the first customers to place their orders at Pita Pit were Carrollton residents Beth Marlow and Emily Cryer who both praised the quality of the food and the freshness of the ingredients.  

 At 11:30 a.m. the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce arrived and held a ribbon cutting ceremony outside of the store for a photo opportunity and to welcome the new business to the community. Many members from the chamber stayed to enjoy a pita before leaving and were joined by numerous other civil service employees from the Carrollton Police department and other areas of service. 

 Both Pline and Crossley were ecstatic to finally be open and spirits were high among employees and customers alike. The restaurant has received incredible reviews thus far and looks to continue making a good impression on Carrollton and the surrounding area. 

 “It is a dream come true,” said Pline. “Its been two years in the making so to finally be able to see it come to fruition is one of those things and it’s super exciting to be able to serve the city of Carrollton. Carrollton’s always been a big part of who we are so we just want to be able to give back.” 

 To learn more about Carrollton’s Pita Pit follow them on social media and check out their store located at 106 Adamson Square.



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