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The Wolf Internet Radio Recognized for Production Achievements

The Wolf Internet Radio recently received many awards this past year, including the Bret Micheals Spirit of College Radio Day Award with Honorable Mention in the BEA’s Dr. Marjorie Yambor Signature Station and three awards in the Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media and Management Awards.

“The Intercollegiate Broadcast System Media and Management Awards are two different awards,” said Shawn Issac, General Manager of the Wolf Internet Radio. “The media awards are all of the on-air work, productions, promotions and more that we do here at the station and the management awards are your opportunity to nominate student leaders for outstanding work in their roles. We submit everything in October and the announced finalists in January and in the first week of March they announce the winners.”

The Wolf Internet Radio was able to submit 77 pieces of material/nominees from student leaders for awards. The students’ work was then judged against multiple schools who submitted material for these awards as well. The Wolf won Best TV Station Promotion, Best Promotion Director and Michel Tucker was awarded Best College Media Advisor.

“The Best Promotion Director is a student award and the Best College Media Advisor went to Michel Tucker,” said Issac. “So it’s both staff and students that were able to be nominated and win.”

The Wolf Internet Radio also earned the Bret Micheals Spirit of College Radio Day Award with Honorable Mention in the BEA’s Dr. Marjorie Yambor Signature Station this past December.
            “Yes, this is the tenth year or so that was founded by Dr. Rob Quip at Williams Paterson University to have an event to show the importance of college radio because many universities and colleges do not want to fund college radio,” said Issac. “They don’t want to fund specifically those who broadcast over FM and AM frequencies because of the cost that is associated with keeping them where they are at. Overall, It was the way to garner support of university administration from all over the county and show the importance of college radio.”

College Radio Day allows individuals to celebrate and support college radio stations world-wide. After the first year of having College Radio Day international, universities started to participate as well. With more and more universities participating over the years the competition can seem quite tough.

“We were able to put together a program where students were on-air all day, and then we did a socially distant alumni reunion,” said Issac. “So the university stations that participated were able to submit to the Spirit of College Radio Day award and basically tell the committee what you did and why it was important to you as a college station. So we submitted and were selected one out of ten international college stations.”

The faculty and staff at the Wolf Internet Radio have to put in many hours to make content for their listeners each semester. When asked about their work ethic and what makes them stand out from other radio stations, Issac explains that it’s about dedication and continuing to try your hardest.
            “From the general manager perspective, we constitute to make our operations and our content better than the year before,” said Issac. “We don’t settle for what we got but continue to seek for more.”



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