The WOLF Internet Radio Shakes up Media Day 2017 

The WOLF Internet Radio has been at the University of West Georgia for many years and plays an important role in broadcasting and advertising the annual Media Day. The WOLF Internet Radio is an experiential radio studio put on by the Mass Communications department and is open for students from all majors to participate. It also serves and runs as a fully functional radio station to help prepare students who are involved in how a professional radio station would operate.  

One particular time that The WOLF alumni like to tune in, as well many others in the area, is for the annual Media Day which takes place on Mar. 8 in the Campus Center Ballroom.  The WOLF is completely run and operated by students, hence their slogan, “for students, by students.”  Students who do not even have experience in radio production can participate in WIT, or WOLF in Training. This is a training program that gives students the necessary knowledge to be an active member of The WOLF Internet Radio Team.  

“It is a full semester long program,” said Shawn Isaacs, General Manager of The WOLF. “We teach students different radio operations from editing to how to put together a fully produced podcast, which we put on our website and students get the chance to take that podcast and put that on air.” 

The WOLF Internet Radio plays an active role in broadcasting the events taking place during Media Day for those who cannot be there for the actual festivities. Such events are the Panel Discussion, the Keynote Speaker, and the Luncheon Presentation. The WOLF also takes Media Day as an opportunity to show current students what they are all about and answer any questions that they may have. The WOLF has won numerous awards, many of which are showcased in the Anthropology Building on campus. Some of these awards include the Best on Air Programming Award for the 2012 College Radio Day in which they beat out 500 other college radio programs.  

“This year we are nominated for 10 intercollegiate broadcasting systems awards in various different categories, one of the top ones being the best online streaming station in the nation for a school greater than 10 thousand,” said Isaacs. 

The WOLF has had a big impact on UWG and the surrounding West Georgia area. Students have come out of The WOLF Internet Radio with very successful radio careers from local Atlanta based radio stations, as well as other radio stations nationwide.  Even though their radio careers may take them to various places, many alumni like to tune back into The WOLF and see how it’s progressing in providing UWG and the surrounding area with quality radio programming.  

“It is a way that we can show our returning alumni and the students that visit, who we are, what we do and show our setup and how we are involved with what goes on on campus, especially Media Day,” said Isaacs.  

The WOLF Internet Radio is an opportunity to inform UWG students about what is happening on campus and in the surrounding Carrollton Community. It serves as a medium to help with the annual Media Day in broadcasting the festivities happening for those who cannot make it but still want to be involved and informed on what is occurring on March 8. The WOLF hopes to play a large role in Media Day this year, and many years to come. 




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