Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty Offers Care for Natural Hair

Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty offers care for natural hair 

Tracee Ellis Ross is an American actress and is the daughter of superstar Diana Ross. She is most notable for her role in the early 2000s hit show Girlfriends and currently stars in ABCs Blackish. In recent years, Tracee has proved that she can do more than just act.  

In late 2017, she collaborated with mall staple JCPenney for her own size- inclusive clothing line. After the success of her clothing line, she announced around late August that she would release her own natural hair care line called Pattern Beauty. 

Image courtesy Pattern Beauty

Pattern Beauty released online in mid-September and launched in Ulta Beauty stores on Sep. 22. The affordability and access to the products have made it a nationwide hit. The product prices range from $9 to $42 and that caught the attention of consumers. 

Tracee herself has naturally curly hair and wanted more for what she deems “underrepresented” in the beauty industry. She came up with the idea to come out with products that not only benefit those with hair like hers, which is a looser curly texture, but also those who lack a variety of options for a kinkier curl texture.  

Thus, Pattern Beauty was born. The idea for the hair care line has been 10 years in the making with Ross making her first brand pitch in 2008. She spent two years working with chemists to narrow the products down to seven safe ingredients for natural hair.  

The line includes a hydration shampoo for all natural textures, three different conditioners, one leave-in conditioner and two hair serums. Outside of these products Pattern Beauty also includes hair accessories including a shower brush and microfiber hair towel. 

All of the products have an almost matte look to them and embody the aesthetic of the Instagram and website. The dominant color for the brand is yellow which is supposed to represent bringing joy back into the process of taking care of hair.  

Pattern Beauty is different than other natural hair care lines. First and foremost the brand is created by someone who has an understanding of the spectrum. The brand is marketed as a hair care line that works for hair from 3B to 4C. These categories stand for a looser curl pattern to a tighter curl pattern. Second, Ross is the only one in the market so far. Other celebs such as Rihanna (Fenty Beauty) and Jessica Alba (Honest Beauty) are dominating the makeup industry and that leaves room for Ross to shine on her own path.  

The tagline for the brand is “here to fulfill the unmet beauty needs of the curly, coily and tightly-textured hair community.” Pattern has given consumers three options of conditioner, a crucial part of taking care of natural hair. The Pattern conditioner comes in Medium, Heavy and Intensive. Each one targets not only different textures but what is best for those textures such as moisture lock or curl definition. 

Across social media Pattern Beauty has dominated with hashtag, #rockyourpattern that has over 1,000 posts. The name Pattern comes from the term ‘curl pattern’ and the addition of beauty is to learn to love oneself through their hair journey. Pattern Beauty believes that every crown has its own story.  



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